Photography mistakes to avoid

Top 5 common Photography mistakes and how to avoid them tips.


Top 5 common Photography mistakes and how to avoid them

Everyone can take photos, but not everyone can take good pictures. We all have been there, including professional photographers, when they were starting. Taking good photos is crucial, especially if it’s a significant part of your business. For example, bulk jewelry-retouching services do require not only topnotch editing but also professional photography skills.

Common photography mistakes:

Everyone makes mistakes, especially when it comes to taking photos. A lot of people take pictures just for doing it. Worse, the subjects on the photo look unflattering and uncompelling. It is specially true, when you try to capture photos of kids and pets. If you have extra time, you might want to check some pictures online and see how they make their photos look more compelling and eye-catching.

At some point, we might be committing the following photography mistakes without realizing it. For one thing, taking photos should not only for the sake of taking one. Instead, it should tell a story to the one who sees it without the need for fancy words.

1. Focusing on the wrong part of the picture:

Most cameras nowadays have an autofocus feature. Basically, your camera will automatically choose a spot to focus on through this feature. The downside of it is that it might not focus on the wrong frame spot and even blur off the actual money-shot subject.

2. Always putting the subject at the center of the photo:

On the one hand, it is a straight-to-the-point way of taking a picture. On the contrary, this can be too common, plain, and boring. As mentioned, a picture should tell a story. It should not only be about the person but also the background and other elements around it.

3. Cutting parts of your subject:

Isn’t it annoying when you find your photo, and then you see that your feet or half of your body have been cut off for some reason? The same goes when you take pictures of structures and sceneries. Taking photos that chop away parts of it (such as a limb or the top of a building) is a big no-no in photography. As much as possible, get your subject all in the frame for better appreciation by those who see it.

4. Not paying attention to the background:

Some backgrounds can make the subject look awkward. In such cases, you might want to re-position your camera. This can prevent stiff shots like a tree sprouting out from the subject’s head and other similar scenarios.

5. Taking a photo directly in front of the subject:

It does focus on the subject, but it might not be as compelling as the ones you see on your Instagram feed. Try experimenting with different angles and perspectives. You can also try tilting your camera a little bit or add a black-and-white filter on your shot for a more dramatic effect.

Taking photos is one way to preserve good memories. However, it should also be worth the second look. As mentioned, try experimenting with different shots and angles to see what works well in your picture-taking style. A good photo should tell a story without telling or writing what it is all about.


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