Adobe acquires Allegorithmic: Makers of Substance softwares (Designer, Painter, B2M, Source)

Check out complete detail of latest acquisition: Adobe acquired Allegorithmic.


Adobe acquires Allegorithmic substance texture software

Adobe has always been in leading position in technology race. Over the years, it continuously keeps acquiring softwares and tools which are of cutting edge technologies. In last year, Adobe acquired Marketo to create revolutionary marketing solutions for B2B and B2C segments.

In the latest news of mergers and acquisitions, Adobe acquired Allegorithmic. France based Allegorithmic is leading software package for 3D materials and texture creation for various segments of Media and Entertainment sector including games, movies post production, TV series and ads, mobile apps, graphic designers, visual effects, retail, architecture and many more. In nutshell, Allegorithmic is suite of texture creation and manipulation software, known as Substance tools. Substance had been subscription-based suite of texture designing toolset. Allegorithmic is creation of Substance tools that comprises Substance Designer, Substance Painter, Substance B2M and Substance Source.

We are seeing huge growth in 3D video content in movies, internet and OTT platforms. Addition of Allegorithmic in Creative Cloud family of Adobe will strong hold the position of Adobe CC for delivering 3D content seamlessly. Allegorithmic tools are heavily used tons in AAA games including Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed, and Forza to name a few. In the credentials of block buster Hollywood movies, they are used in Blade Runner 2049, Pacific Rim Uprising, and Tomb Raider. Apart from these two highly engaging visual mediums, we are seeing rise of these tools in other business avenues like architecture, visualization, automobile, design and many more.

AR & VR content is extensively using 3D output for higher engagement ratio and the demand is increasing multifold with every new content delivery. We are going in the technology race, when virtual and real life are about to blur. Creating such experience needs very powerful and seamlessly blending software interaction, which Adobe knows very well. Adobe’s VR toolsets, Dimension and Project Aero, had already created positive vibes in the arena of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. Combining Substance tools in Adobe Creative Cloud will lead to immersive experience of next generation.

Acquisition of Allegorithmic by Adobe is to make their internal software pipeline strong and robust, to tackle any creative and technical challenge successfully. Adobe Creative Cloud already consists industry leading softwares for image creation and manipulation, 2D Animation, VFX, motion graphics, editing, color grading and other related works including Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects and Premiere Pro. Allegorithmic Substance tools are now part of this smooth workflow of content creation. The collaboration promises optimized production time and cost effectiveness.

Adobe buys Allegorithmic substance

In official business news of Adobe acquiring Allegorithmic, financial details are not disclosed by any of the parties. Allegorithmic CEO and founder, Sebastien Deguy, will take leadership role as VP of 3D and Immersive at Adobe.


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