Participate Free in Advance Maya Webinar by Escape Studios: Learn 3D Production Pipeline Tips and Tricks

Escape Studios has organized Advance Maya webinar, hosted by Mark Spevick. Learn new age 3D and VFX skills.


advance maya webinar escape studios

2018 is hear and so as the Escape Studios is ready with their latest series of online tutorial videos of 3D and Visual Effects softwares, and industry standard tools and techniques. ‘Advance Maya’ webinar is all set to give you new insights of the leading 3D and VFX package from Autodesk.

Essential details of online training video are as follows.

Trainer: Mark Spevick
Date: 23rd January, Tuesday, 2018
Schedule: 6 pm London / 11.30 pm India (Check out the registration link to get webinar schedule in your country’s time zone)
Duration: One hour
Venue: Online

Mark Spevick is Head of 3D at Escape Studios. He blends his production experience into teaching to provide in-depth technical training to his students. His association with Peerless Camera is milestone in his professional career, where he worked on every Terry Gilliam movies, ranging from ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’ to ‘The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus’. Other notable credentials include Zorro, Mask of Zorro and Casino Royale. During his tenure at DNeg (Double Negative), he managed CG team for parachute sequence of the movie Angels and Demons.

In the Advance Maya webinar, Mark will conduct exclusive session on advanced tips and tricks. The online video tutorial will be in sync with current industry standards of 3D and VFX pipeline, providing detailed overview of Autodesk Maya.

Even though it’s online training video, seats are limited. Sign up here for the Maya webinar asap.


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