Take spectacular photos of your highly energetic pets and kids

Learn how to do amazing photography of kids and pets with top tips and tricks.


Pets and children are undeniably adorable. Who cannot resist their charming innocence, their happy-go-lucky ways, and basically how they live life as it is? It can be nice to capture these precious moments on camera. But the truth is that it can be challenging to take photos of kids and pets because they cannot stay still most of the time.

Photography is not only an art. It’s about letting people see things in your perspective that is perfectly captured in your camera. This simple hobby can even make you earn money. If you want to take your photo-taking hobby to the next level, there are many workshops here in the Philippines offering courses in fashion photography and more.

The challenge of pet and child photography:

While pets and little children can melt everyone’s heart with their cuteness, it can be a different story when trying to take decent photos of them. Most of the time, you end up with blurred shots that might not be worthy even of getting posted on your social media accounts. Kids and pets are usually full of energy, while some are too camera-shy. They won’t, unfortunately, allow you to take a decent photo of them ever. This is an entire different ball game from wedding photography.

However, there are effective ways to get that perfect photo of your pet or child without losing your cool. Actually, taking pictures of these unpredictable creatures does require tons of patience and sheer determination. These can seem impossible to achieve, but you will eventually get the hang of it later on.

Child and pet photography:

Even if you are not a professional fashion photographer in the Philippines, you can still capture that perfect photo of your little one or your beloved pet. Here are some useful pointers to remember when taking pictures of your kids and pets:

1. Let them do their own thing.

Give your subjects time to be comfortable in front of the camera. As much as possible, never dictate what kind of pose they should do. Instead, let them move naturally and be themselves throughout the shoot.

2. Use props.

Try having toys and other props around that can help your subjects stay still and be able to capture that winning photo. You can also opt to take photos of your subject on a comfortable chair or sofa.

3. Zoom in.

Close-up photos can provide a rather interesting take on a subject and somehow adds drama to it. Close-up shots can also capture the raw emotions of a child or a pet, down to the little details such as the child’s eye color and the pet’s silky whiskers.

4. Keep it simple.

Avoid using colorful and patterned backgrounds as it can drown your subject. Remember to focus on your subject and not on the complicated and even unnecessary background details.

5. Use the continuous mode feature.

This camera feature can come in handy when taking moving subjects like active pets and children. Take endless photos and be surprised to find those winning shots!

As mentioned, taking photos of pets and kids requires a lot of patience. It also requires you to be resourceful and creative to get that perfect shot. But with the help of the given pointers, you can capture that perfect picture that is undoubtedly one for the books.


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