Amazon Acquired Thinkbox Software for Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Acquired Thinkbox Software to advance its offerings of the cloud computing services. It will result in increased productivity of Amazon Web Services (AWS).


Amazon Acquired Thinkbox Software

Amazon Web Services aka AWS is package of cloud computing services by Amazon itself. It is online server which is an alternative of real life physical server. This on-demand technology is aimed to help various end users who has budgetary constraints, but don’t want to sacrifice digital output due to it. The large computing capacity offers various services including database management, storage, computation, developer tools, mobile services, analytics, networking and many more.

Thinkbox Software products are widely used in the niche area of Animation and VFX, which in large caters to the gigantic industry of Media and Entertainment. Their core expertise area is media rendering across various platforms. Apart from this, one more major reason for acquisition is that they are already providing cloud based solutions along with on-premise server setup. This dual approach of solutions makes it very flexible for variety of clients.

The main services of Thinkbox Software are as follows. They are used extensively in render farms to manage high-end processing of CGI videos.

  • Deadline: Render management
  • XMesh: Geometry caching
  • Frost: Particle meshing
  • Krakatoa: Particle effects and rendering
  • Sequoia: Point cloud meshing tools
  • Draft: Image processing automation

Industry pundits are on very positive predictions based on the news of Amazon acquired Thinkbox. As Thinkbox can be used intensively for global streaming of digital video, there is a huge potential in this deal for Amazon. It will provide services beyond typical cloud based computing and will create robust back-end system of Amazon for various hosts.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is aggressively going for mergers and acquisitions. Their recent acquisitions are as follows:

  • Cyber security services
  • NICE: High performance and technical computing
  • Biba: Video conferencing solutions
  • Elemental Technologies: Video encoding and trans coding for multi-screen content delivery

amazon web services thinkbox software


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