An Impossible Made Possible : Illusive commercial of Honda CR-V 1.6 through Anamorphosis and Forced Perspective

The enigmatic and illusive commercial from Honda –  ‘An Impossible Made Possible’ for their SUV model of CR-V 1.6 i-DTEC Diesel.


Honda has always been the revolutionary brand in auto vehicle segment. For the latest commercial, they used the concept of ‘Anamorphosis’ and ‘Forced Perspective’. The Honda CR-V goes through a series of optical illusions, all in-camera and all centred around the it.

Check out the Honda CR V 1.6 commercial:

Anamorphosis :

This is the technique of using perspective, or a deliberately geometrically distorted projection of an image to create the impression that things are not as they seem. It’s a way to trick the powerful interpretive mechanisms in our brain into seeing the world differently. In simple language, it is a projected image on a plane or on a curved surface. When it is viewed from a certain point or it is reflected from a curved mirror, it appears as an original image with 3D depth or volume. It look in-proportion only from certain camera angle.

It is like 3D painting on road / plane surface, which gives illusion of depth from specific places.



Forced Perspective :

Here the real objects are deliberately resized to trick is into thinking that other objects are either bigger or smaller than they really are. It is a way to create an environment that appears larger than it truly is. The use of different sized objects and variations in distance between them gives the illusion that things are in correct perspective. If you change the camera angle, it will not work. Here, one actor is placed further away from the camera than the other character. Also check out how miniatures are used in film making process with camera tricks.

Such technique is used heavily in LOTR (Lord of The Rings) trilogy.

Forced Perspective

Forced Perspective

The credit for the video goes to the creative directors Paul Jordan and Angus Macadam, art director Remco Graham, copywriter Richard Holmes, planners Kevin Chesters and Max Kennedy, and agency producer Richard Firminger. Filming was shot by director Chris Palmer. Editor was Paul Watts at The Quarry. Post production was done by VFX artists Tom Sparks and Lewis Saunders at FaTiBoo, colourist Seamus O’Kane and online editor Matthew “Wispy” Clarke at The Mill. Audio post production was done at Wave Studios by Parv Thind.

Making of Impossible made possible video is as follows:


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