Worldwide List of Art, Gaming, VR, Animation and VFX Resources: Awards, Associations, Festivals and More

Check out huge list of entertainment media, 2D / 3D Animation and VFX resources.


list of animation and vfx resources

Media and Entertainment sector is booming day by day with continuous technology developments. Apart from evolution in giant companies, various new startups and entrepreneurs are blooming successfully. To keep tab on such improvements, various resources are emerged which are also getting popular year by year. These events acts as a great PR activity for participants.

Check out the following list. Apart from Animation and VFX resources, they also give platform to comics, gaming, Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR) and other related technologies. It is mixed bag of events, awards, networks, festivals, associations, groups, seminars and more.

A3K – Association Of Animation Artistes Kenya

ABCA – The Burkinabe Association of Animated Cinema (Association Burkinabè du Cinéma d’Animation)

ABAI – Association of Bangalore Animation Industry (Animation, Visual Effects, Games and Comics)

ACM SIGGRAPH – Association for Computing Machinery Special Interest Group on Computer GRAPHics and Interactive Techniques

ACAS – Association for Chinese Animation Studies

ACPI – The Animation Council of the Philippines Inc.

AEAF – Animation & Effects Awards Festivals

AEF – Animation Educators Forum (from ASIFA Hollywood)

AAN – African Animation Network

AJA – The Association of Japanese Animations

AVCGI – Association of Animation, VFX Comics Gaming Industry

AMPAS – Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (Oscars)

ASAF – The Association of Czech Animation Film

ASIFA – The International Animated Film Association

AWN – Animation World Network

BAFTA – British Academy of Film and Television Arts



CAA – China Academy of Art

CAD – Canadian Animation Directory

CASO – Computer Animation Studios of Ontario

CAN – Cincinnati Animation Network

DigiBC – The Interactive & Digital Media Industry Association of British Columbia


effects MTL – effects MTL, Montreal, Quebec

GDC – Game Developers Conference

FICCI – Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry

HKFA – The Hong Kong Film Awards

IAD – International Animation Day

IMAGE – Innovation in Animation, Multimedia, Gaming and Entertainment (‘IMAGE tower’ is the building which hosts incubation centre Knowledge City, near Mind Space junction, Telangana)

JAniCA – Japanese Animation Creators Association

KAVGC – Karnataka Animation, Visual Effects, Gaming and Comics

LAA – Latvian Animation Association

MEAI – Media & Entertainment Association of India

NAB Show – National Association of Broadcasters

OFX – The Open Effects Association

QAN – Quebec Animation Network

QFTC – The Quebec Film and Television Council

SAS – The Society for Animation Studies

SMPTE – Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers

TACGA – Thailand Animation & Computer Graphics Association

TAG – The Animation Guild

TAN – The Animation Network

TASI – The Animation Society of India

TVAGA – Telangana VFX, Animaton & Gaming Association

TTAN – Trinidad and Tobago Animation Network

VEC – Vancouver Economic Commission

VAN – Vancouver Animation Network

VES – Visual Effects Society

VFXAI – VFX Association Ireland

VIEW Conference – International event on Computer Graphics, Interactive Techniques, Digital Cinema, 2D/3D Animation, VR and AR, Gaming and VFX

Given below are some of the common acronym / full form of Animation and Visual Effects industry.

CG – Computer Graphics

CGI – Computer Generated Imagery

DI – Digital Intermediate

DFX – Digital Effects

SFX – Special Effects

IMAX – Image MAXium

MoCap – Motion Capture

VR – Virtual Reality

AR – Augmented Reality

MR – Mixed Reality

XR – Cross Reality

AVCG – Animation, Visual Effects, Comics and Gaming

NTSC – National Television System Committee

PAL – Phase Alternating Line

SECAM – Système en Couleur à Mémoire (Sequential Colour With Memory)

LIDAR – LIght Detection And Ranging

LUT – Look Up Table

PBR – Physically Based Rendering

CPU – Central Processing Unit

GPU – Graphics Processing Unit

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