An Unique Webinar From Escape Studios: An Artist’s Guide To Animation Producers

Learn all about how the Animation producer is very important aspect of any Animation movie production pipeline.


An Artist's Guide To Animation Producer webinar

Let’s get honest. Had you actually knew the word ‘Animation producer’? Even if the answer is yes in your faint memory, you had never given attention to this very crucial job role. But, now it’s time to upgrade yourself with complete know-how regarding what Animation producers are and how they impact the Animation movie over all. London based Escape Studios has organized very unusual online learning session for the same. 

The webinar of Animation producers is introduction to Escape Studio’s short course titled Animation Production. Essential details of the webinar are as follows.

Presenter: Bob Thompson
Date: 23rd August, Thursday
Time: 6.00 pm London (Check time zone of your country in registration page)

Bob will reveal nitty-gritty of Animation producer and how they are pivotal to make or break the Animation movie. Your job role can be anything in 3D production pipeline (animator, production coordinator, 3D animatics creator or any other), but knowing about this specific job category will help you a lot in your professional career. 

Bob Thompson himself worked as an Animation producer for various leading brands including BBC Worldwide, Buena Vista, LEGO, Aramid, Manga Entertainment, Miramax, Games Workshop and more. He is also founder of Good Story Productions which contributes in various production modules of movies, apps, games, theme parks and more. 

What is Animation producer? 

He/she is the person who sees the bigger picture, rather than checking out small pieces of animation here and there. Animation producer(s) thinks from various perspectives, artistic as well as commercial. His/her job stretches from conceptualization to final execution of the animation movie. Their suggested ideas and techniques help a big way from animation dailies to final delivery. 

There is also a flip side, which generally arises from animation and various other production teams. Teams operates in very limited area, whereas Animation producer goes beyond the obvious parameters. It may create tons of back and forth in production pipeline, but at the end, if it is good for the project, is should be done. 

Webinar registration link:

Click this link to participate in the webinar of An Artist’s Guide To Animation Producers.


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