Anthem Game: A “Freelancer” of a Kind, Sci-Fi Action Adventure Genre from BioWare

Anthem is one of the most promising games of 2018, much more than just typical rumble jumble and hoo ha.


Basic theme: The game player is tagged as Freelancer who goes out in the outer world to knock off danger and save the humanity beyond the wall of Fort Tarsis. Freelancer’s biggest ally is his suit, referred as exosuits. The game world dialog is Javelins for that which provides superhuman capabilities with fully modification facility. What more, Javelin comes into two variations to switch as per the mission. While Ranger Javelin is all-set-to-go and light weight, Colossus Javelin stands true to its name. It is heavily loaded with armors, missiles, shoulder mounted mortars and other ammunition for killer impact. It can be customized on-the-fly during battle with ease. Got sweat? Hang on. Javelins comes with endless jet pack power so you can flight endlessly. In water combats, it acts as thrusters.

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Apart from regular single player game play, Anthem game also features multiplayer mode, limited to only four freelancers at a time. In later mode, all game players share the open world and play strategically to defeat the enemies, beasts and other obstacles. ‘Shape Storm’ is one of a great entry in the game which resembles to a portal made or energy shields. Freelancer can dive into the Shape Storm, which are in shape of giant swarm, to end up at other side of the world. Not much had been disclosed officially regarding it by BioWare, but this will surely gonna add a zing during game play as it will lead to unknown territory.

Anthem freelancers Javelins

The open world platform will give great exploration adventure to the game players. No particular path maps are placed to follow, which is great so that you can also enjoy the lush landscape beauty while knocking off enemies. Underwater adventure is said to be one of the memorizing experience by the programmers of Anthem. Freelancer can collaborate inside Fort Tarsis, where the Anthem game goes in first person perspective. As you explore the journey outside, game is switched to third person perspective. Like Injustice 2, it had been appreciated by gamers world wide.

One of the key roles for creating Anthem is played by well-known Drew Karpyshyn, writer of Mass Effects 1, 2 and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. This is the reason, Anthem looks like mix of various heavy duty actions games like Mass Effect, Crysis and Destiny. But, it has its own flavor of action, weaponry system, amazing environment and fighting arenas based on the engine of Frostbite 3. It runs on platforms of Xbox One, Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4. Check out the official site, from EA (Electronic Arts), of Anthem game for more details.

Anthem freelancers Javelins


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