Participate in Arnold Challenge and Win High-end Laptops, Amazon Kindle and Many More

Autodesk and Ark Infosolutions has arranged Arnold challenge to find best 3D artists. Join and win amazing prizes.


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Autodesk Arnold is GI (Global Illumination) based rendering software that is heavily being used in blockbuster Hollywood movies, leading TV series and commercials. The raytracing mechanism gives efficient output even on complex scenes, with optimized memory utilization. Apart from typical light setup, Arnold also performs very well in challenging scenarios like CHF (Cloth, Hair, Fur), simulations, volumetric renders and many other.

Arnold supports leading industry standard Animation and Visual Effects softwares including Maya, 3ds Max, Katana, Houdini and Cinema 4D. To take it on next level of production pipeline, you can use Arnold API for custom modifications. In 2017, Arnold has been awarded by Sci-Tech (Scientific and Technical) Academy Awards for their realistic CGI rendering output. It was presented by Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS).

To find the best 3D artists in India, Autodesk (parent company) and Ark Infosolutions (Official distributor) has jointly organized ‘Arnold Challenge’. The competition rules and guidelines are fairly simple. The Arnold competition is open for all, without any participation fees. Check out the process.

  1. Choose one option from these categories: Design Visualisation, Film & TV, Motion Graphics
  2. Render any 3D model through Arnold (You can use 3D software of your choice from Maya, 3ds Max, Katana, Softimage or Cinema 4D)
  3. Go to the competition page and upload at least two renders from different angles

The 3D rendering competition is stylized as #ArnoldChallenge. Winners will have following amazing prizes.

  1. High-end Laptops (x 3)
  2. Amazon kindle (x 3)
  3. Premium headphones (x 3)
  4. Autodesk merchandise (x 50)

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The Arnold challenge contest will end on 4th July, 2018. You can submit more than one 3D rendering output. If you don’t have the software, download free trial version of Arnold and get started.

For more details visit the official competition page of Arnold challenge.

Best luck to all participants.

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