Art Challenge of GOT (Game Of Thrones) from CGSociety and IAMAG: The Fight Beyond The Wall

Participate in the art challenge from CGSociety and IAMAG. The theme is based on GOT (Game Of Thrones) series: The fight beyond the wall.


art challenge got fight beyond the wall

For all GOT fans, here comes a new reason to again jump back in the fantasy world of George R. R. Martin. Leading online platforms dedicated for digital artists, CGSociety and IAMAG, has jointly announced art challenges based on iconic TV series by HBO, Game Of Thrones.

CGSociety (CGS – an extension of The Art Society) and IAMAG are undoubtedly the best learning resources for various artists. These creative joints amplify passion of art. Both gives a common platform where artists can meet like-minded people, publish personal work and get progressive comments, search other artists, learn and share new things through workshops and forums, search for jobs, and doing so, create his/her own virtual network of real artists all around the globe. CG Society and IAMAG has been saviour for a huge number of artists to make their name in the creative world.

Download official free mobile game from HBO and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment: Game of Thrones Conquest.

The creative competition is titled as ‘The fight beyond the wall’, leading to the climax of GOT series. Important details are given below.

Art challenge:

The theme is to create an illustration of your imagination of the finale battle between Fire and Ice, the White Walkers and the Dragons.


  • The creative artwork can be of any form: 2D or 3D
  • You can use any licensed softwares, that you have
  • Feel free to use any third party plugin / stock footage / texture / assets library you own
  • Minimum resolution of the creative is 2800 pixels (large or height)
  • Along with the final creative output, at least three WIPs need to be submitted

Where to submit your entry for the art challenge?

Click here to submit you artwork for the competition

Competition schedule:

  • Start date: 14th September, Thursday, 2017
  • End date: 30th October, Monday, 2017 by midnight

Jury panel:

  • Marc Simonetti (concept artist/ illustrator)
  • Goro Fujita (Art Director, illustrator and visual development artist)


Result of the art challenge ‘The fight beyond the wall’ will be announced on 15th November, Wednesday, 2017


  • 1st: Flight to Paris + all accommodations + drinks + IAMAG VIP Master Classes tickets (March 2018)
  • 2nd: IAMAG VIP Master Classes ticket
  • 3rd: IAMAG Master Classes ticket

Best luck to all artists who will participate in this art challenge. Do check out the CGSociety official link for more updates and notifications.


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