Autodesk Maya 2015 New Features Videos Tutorials

Get updated with Autodesk Maya 2015 New Features videos Tutorials. This release delivers powerful new toolsets across the board for artists tasked with creating complex, high-quality assets.


The major updates are as follows :

  • The Bifröst Simulation Platform supports new capabilities for simulating and rendering photorealistic liquids.
  • The XGen Arbitrary Primitive to use instanced geometry for creating and grooming hair and fur, as well as to create foliage and vegetation for environments.
  • Geodesic Voxel Binding for skinning offers an innovative method for binding complex geometry to joint skeletons with ease.
  • Support for Pixar’s OpenSubdiv libraries, enhanced Modeling tools, and new UV options accelerate performance to keep you productive.
  • New support in Viewport 2.0 for major effects, rendering and texturing workflows means you can work in a real-time environment with significant performance gains.
  • Addition of new ShaderFX editor to create and preview advanced HLSL, GLSL and CgFX shaders in Viewport 2.0.


Support of Ptex


Viewport 2.0


Maya Effect


Bullet Physics



Bifrost Procedural Effects Platform Part 1


Bifrost Procedural Effects Platform Part 2


XGen Arbitrary Primitive Generator


Geodesic Voxel Binding


Streamlined Retopology Toolset


Enhanced Polygonal Modeling


Enhanced UV Toolset






To know more about Maya 2015 Features, visit the official website of Autodesk.


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