Avengers: Endgame video interview of Prateek Kaushal, Stereo Supervisor, Legend

Prateek Kaushal, Stereo Supervisor, Legend talks about his experience of working on Avengers: Endgame.


avengers endgame video interview legend

It was an honour to be a part of this much awaited and Marvel’s biggest movie ever! I’d like to thank Marvel for giving us this opportunity to convert this epic film into 3D. Seeing your work on the big screen that is continuously breaking box-office records is such a proud moment for those who worked tirelessly on the project.

This was my 16th project with Marvel since 2012 as a Stereo Supervisor, but this one was very special to me. The fan base of Avengers is huge, and Endgame is the result of decades of blockbuster film-making which includes familiar faces from over 20 other movies. So, the expectations were always high, and we wanted to give the best immersive and engaging 3D experience to the audience.

3D not only enhances big action and fight scenes, but also enhances small human interaction and intimate moments which are very powerful when displayed through 3D because you feel as if you’re really there in the moment. Our team worked hard to make every scene look perfect in 3D.

In terms of challenges which came along – there were many VFX updates happening till the very end, and we had a very little window to update our work to the final plate through Roto, Depth and Comp. But that is the time when you need to be in your creative best in order bring necessary adjustments before sending it back to the client. For example, we can patch the updated part of the shot over our previous render.

Overall, this was a super fun and learning project for Legend. We are looking forward to working on similar big banner movies and effectively contribute towards 3D work.

Check out the video interview.


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