How to Make Award Winning Films with Low Post Production Costs

Must read for every aspiring Filmmaker: How to avoid expenses in Post Production Pipeline while producing award winning films.


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Filmmaking is a gigantic subject to learn, and more than that, to impart accurately in real life. It goes through hundreds of nuisances, establishment of overall subject, look and feel, gripping direction, justified perspectives and camera angles, all weaven with perfect story telling. Working on all these meticulously requires higher degree of practical command on the entire process.

Video editing and other post-production tasks can be a major expense when you’re producing a film. But even if you have your sights set high and are gunning for an award winning films at your local film festival, that doesn’t mean you need to break open the piggy bank to finance an expensive post production process. There are numerous processes and steps you can take – before production, during production, and in post-production – that will reduce the time and expense that is involved in video editing and other post-production tasks.

Check out follow tips and tricks to create award winning movies in low budget.

1. Prepare detailed storyboards and shot lists

You will save time and money in post-production by ensuring that your editors have the right materials they need, to perform video editing. Nothing will blow up a budget faster in post-production that having to try to alter and correct shots that weren’t shot properly or maybe not even shot at all. When your pre-production tasks include creating detailed storyboards and shot lists, you’ll have a much better chance of capturing the action you want to capture, in proper focus, with proper lighting, and with good sound. Then the job of those performing your video editing will be much simpler and much faster too. Less stress, and less expense too!

2. Incorporate stock footage and music where applicable

Along the same lines, take advantage of stock footage and music whenever possible. If your video editor and sound editor can simply plug in high-quality footage or music tracks, they’ll be able to work faster, and not have to concern themselves with editing, color-matching, and other post-production tasks that might be necessary with footage that’s been shot during the rush of production.

3. Avoid unnecessary editing

There’s an old saying that “too many cooks spoil the broth.” The same holds true during video editing. Strictly limit the number of people who have control of the video edit, and when they can add their input. If your video editors are constantly making alterations throughout the process, the post-production process can grind to crawl, causing additional expense as all aspects of post production – sound, SFX, and more are thrown into disarray. Have a set process for gathering feedback and limit the number of cuts to keep things moving smoothly.

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4. Outsource when necessary

One viable and increasingly popular option for saving money in video editing and post-production is to use outsourcing services to handle routine editing for video, sound, and for graphic and title elements. Many reputable and well-regarded outsourcing firms offer a real bargain to the aspiring filmmaker and can help them save time as well as money.

5. Minimize visual effects

Without a doubt, visual effects (VFX) can be real budget-busters when producing a film. While you may need some effects that can only be produced in post, consider how many different ways you can minimize the need for post-production special effects by creating practical effects when filming. You’ll find that your post-production process will be smoother and less expensive, too.

6. It’s a wrap!

When approaching the task of making a film, it’s important to remember that all the elements of the film making process need to work together. A lack of planning in pre-production, sloppy work during the production phase, or a combination of both, can make post-production a difficult task that will result in delays and needless expenses. The moral of the story is simple – stay in control of your entire production and you’ll get to post with a sense of anticipation, not a feeling of dread!

Hope this will help you all. Did we missed something? Kindly let us know in comments below.


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