Astonishing Behind The Scenes of Doctor Strange Movie from Vicon and Framestore

Enjoy spectacular behind the scenes of Doctor Strange movie. The magical effects are combined efforts of Vicon and Framestore.


behind the scenes of doctor strange

Doctor Strange is the latest edition of Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). It was long awaited character to come on the silver screen. Check out outstanding behind the scenes of the movie. Directed by Scott Derrickson, it is perfect entry of Dr. Stephen Strange (acted by Benedict Cumberbatch) with lots of astonishing VFX and ‘magical’ sequences.

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Vicon Motion Capture Technology and internationally acclaimed UK based studio Framestore are trump cards for making of breathtaking visual effects. Vicon’s motion capture cameras were used during the shooting which helped immensely in the post production process. This is regarding the VFX case study of the sequence where Dr. Strange fights with Kaecilius‘s one of the strongest Zealot.

chroma doctor strange

cgi doctor strange

making of doctor strange

Vicon’s 24 camera system was used for principal shooting. Additional cameras were deployed by Framestore as the complex fight scenes were demanding much more depth to cover. The motion captured data was routed to Autodesk MotionBuilder through Blade, proprietary software of Vicon. It provided all required details for final touch up and tweakings. Digital Doubles and FX were placed at accurate three dimensions to give sense of actual fighting scenario.

Framestore recently got huge online trending due to its seamless work in VFX short movie ‘Othehalf’ in collaboration with Ben West. For Dr. Strange, the post production house worked on 360+ Animation and VFX shots. Some of the major sequences the studio worked on were:

  • Mandlebrotting and Kaleidoscopic of background elements
  • Magical energy shields with revolving sparks
  • Astral form
  • Mirror dimensions
  • The Cloak of Levitation
  • Space portal

strange vfx breakdown

before and after doctor strange

doctor strange energy spark

magical energy shield

Enjoy the Sanctum Battle sequence:

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Mandlebrotting and Kaleidoscopic effects are one step ahead of what we have seen in Inception. By this time, there was very heavy interaction of live actions characters with background elements. The actors were doing complicated fighting scenes with continuously modifying environment. But, Framestore nailed it with amazing precision. The studio used Houdini for creating CG magical energy shields and sparks. Arnold was used as rendering engine.

vfx breakdown astral form

astral form before after

mandlebrotting making of

mandlebrotting 3d cgi

levitation cloak

levitation cloak

ancient one strange


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