Interested in Animation? Consider an Online Animation Degree

Benefits of learning from online Animation Degree course.


Benefits of learning from online Animation Degree course

Many people love animation that they see in movies and in various TV programs. Does this sound like you? Does animation ignite a hidden passion you’ve been dreaming to pursue? If yes, the good news is that you can now study animation online if you are really interested.

Below are reasons why you should enroll in an online animation course.

1. Taking a degree in animation is basically learning how to use a computer program (or various software programs) to draw characters that are part of a story in a movie or TV program. You will be using and honing your talents on your own, without the presence of classmates. If you are a self-starter, this one is perfect for you.

2. Online courses like this one can be more flexible than traditional, classroom-setting educational options. For instance, you might have a writing job but want to study part-time at the same time. If that is your situation, then an online animation course could be the perfect solution to your current setup.

3. Animation has become more advanced lately. For this reason, there are companies that offer bachelor’s degree programs in animation. You will see that animation is truly a complex and complicated field of study on its own, so if you earn a bachelor’s degree in this field, that is an accomplishment worth broadcasting to employers.

4. If you do opt to specialize in animation, the good news is that you stand to earn a nice salary ranging somewhere between $40,000 and $80,000 per year. This hinges on your animation qualifications, of course. Animation specialists get paid based on their level of education and experience. If you are able to do small projects while you earn your animation degree, that will greatly help you in negotiating for a higher salary. So, this puts those who opt for online studies at a great advantage.

5. The location of the animation studio (the employer) may influence your future pay a lot. Some employers may be located far from you, but they might be willing to hire you via remote employment. This means you can study online and do short projects for them even without leaving your current location.

6. You can study other fields of knowledge online while earning your bachelor’s degree in animation. Animators don’t need to be pigeonholed and shouldn’t be because animation content covers a wide range of topics. For instance, if the subject of your animation project is about dancing characters, then you might want to study the art of dancing. This allows you to get inside the head of dancers so you know how to draw them through a computer program. To be able to learn computer animation well, you need to learn about other subjects, too.

7. Learning animation online is cheaper than going to a regular college. All you need to have is your computer at home so there’s no need to pay for transportation or meals outside. The money you save can help you pay for more certifications in animation – basically you ought to learn tech proficiency that will help you become more qualified to be hired as an animator.

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Subjects in Animation you need:

Although you might have a wide range of interests that you would like to study, you don’t need to be a walking encyclopedia to become an animator. That comes with experience. Still, here are important subjects you need to cover while you study online.

  • 2D Animation: This covers cartoon characters like those popularized by the Disney company. Many people are already great in drawing, but it takes a special talent to take it one step further into 2D. Generally, you will need to be confident in hand-drawn animation done on a computer.
  • 3D Animation: This is a higher level of animation done on a computer. It’s more realistic-looking than 2D and is used for movies and TV series.
  • Computer Generated Images: This is popularly referred to as CGI. It covers both 2D and 3D animations.

Succeeding in Animation:

Like in any field there is, talent is not the sole determining factor whether or not you will succeed in your chosen path. The willingness to learn new skills to further hone whatever talent you have is as essential as the one previously mentioned. You can take an online animation course if you want to realize your dream of being an animator or if you desire to master another area of specialization to further your career growth. Also, remember that regardless of your current setup, there’s always an educational platform that would suit your preferences.


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