Top list of best money making apps for Android and iOS: Earn money from your mobile for free

Check out the latest and updated top list of best money making apps from mobile.


Top list of Best Money Making Apps for Android and iOS mobiles

Have you logged more hours on your smartphone today than you’ve spent time conversing with another human face-to-face? It may be to play game or watch latest VFX movie or anything you like. Yes? Me too. (We might as well start ‘me too’ movement on this…I kid!)

Most of us have taken such a liking to our cell phones, that they have become constant features of our lives; and as soon as we have a little bit of time on our hands, straight to buzzing we go. No, this isn’t a guilt-tripping article, reeling out the social and health benefits of staying off your phone (you’d find several of those articles all over the internet).

This article aims to point you to a gold mine you have been interacting with all these while; during at least 80 percent of your waking moments: your SMARTPHONE.

I call it a goldmine because you can make several dollars from doing the same thing that got you to this page- staring at your smartphone. You ask me how? Good. There are cool money making Apps ( on the internet that allows you to work on your phone and generate payment directly from your phone and into your bank account. Various genres it count are from Media and Entertainment sectors, online video game playing, finance, surveys, reading news and interviews, software update, latest industry information, AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) and many more. It is bigger list than best top 10 money earning apps .

With many companies coming up in search of new mobile app users, you shouldn’t be surprised to see that many of them are ready to pay you to promote usage of their apps! If you’re going to spend so much time on your phone, you might as well be making cool cash from it, right?

I thought as much!

Getting rich with these apps might not be achieved as quickly as snapping your fingers. But if you are a consistent user of these apps, you will find yourself smiling because of the couple of extra dollars you’ve just cashed out; and boom, you have a side hustle!

List of best money making apps from Android and iOS mobiles:

Check out best apps to make money fast using Android and iOS phones. The payment can be in form of money deposition in your PayPal account, direct bank transfer, gift cards or coupons as per company criteria.

  1. Swagbucks (shopping, watching videos, answer surveys)
  2. CashPirate (interacting with ads, playing games, answering online surveys)
  3. Fronto (view news and articles, learn about product deals, read reviews)
  4. iPoll (give your reviews regarding products, conduct online surveys, review places, write diaries)
  5. ShopKick (do shopping into partner stores, visit partner sites)
  6. Field Agent (collect in-store information, give shopper insights)
  7. Citizen Me (exchange your data or opinions, share your personal insights)
  8. Curious Cat (participate in online surveys, try our suggested new apps, share your opinions)
  9. Feature Points (try free and latest apps, conduct surveys, do online shopping)
  10. Streetbees (share your original ideas with top brands, do online chat and share your thoughts, capture and share data)
  11. Foap (capture photos and videos, sell them to brands)
  12. Roamler (complete provided tasks, send audit reports in pre defined forms)

Apart from above list of top money earning apps, do also consider below mentioned sites.

  • Toluna
  • Bookscounter
  • Sweatcoin
  • VoxPopMe
  • Qmee

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top money earning mobile apps


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