For Better and Fast Rotoscopy, The Foundry Introduced Open Splines in NUKE 8.0v5

The Foundry has released the most expected tool for Roto artists – Open Splines in NUKE 8.0v5. It is a great time saver for solving complex visual effects shots.


The addition of ‘Open Splines’ was long due in NUKE. Finally, it is covered in NUKE 8.0v5. Roto and RotoPaint both have this function available. As name suggest, we don’t close the roto shpae. The vertices can be modified by smooth and transform controls. They are also given separate handles for feather and thickness. Before this edition, artists were using the Paint Strokes as open splines.


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Open Spline Curve Algorithm

The benefits of Open Spline are :

  • It the best tool for roto of hair, fur and wire
  • It gives better control to tweak individual vertices
  • We can edit the width and feather independently
  • It provides per-point control

To get better understanding, check out the following video tutorial by Matt Leonard from Sphere VFX.


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