Beyond Good and Evil 2: Action Adventure Game from Ubisoft, Prequel of 2003’s Cult Hit

Beyond Good and Evil 2 game sets on high exceptions with its open world environment, rich visuals and iconic characters.


Beyond Good and Evil 2 game ganesha

Ubisoft announced ‘Beyond Good and Evil 2’ game trailer, but on a surprise note, it is prequel of 2003’s cult game featuring Jade and Pey’j. There had been huge back and forth on Internet and offline, rumors regarding its production works. Ironically, the first part was acclimated worldwide but somehow showered less on commercial front.

Following the legacy of an earlier chapter, Beyond Good and Evil 2 game follows action adventure genre. The game player will create his/her avatar from scratch and embark upon progressively. He/she will accumulate various powers and credits by completing missions of open ended universe of the game. Gradually, the goal is to make powerful and balanced team to achieve more. So, the game will pick up as single player but it will build in multi player. Advancement of spacecraft is game changer because you have to travel and fight on the go. This large spaceship will be key element for survival.

Apart from factory designed video game levels, story can take unexpected turns based on your playing strategies and behaviors. Exploration of planets can be different for all players. One more time, the game play is surrounded by rich visual details of background sceneries. The teaser of Beyond Good and Evil 2 passes from religious city themes of Hindu Gods including Ganesha and Shiva. Huge mountain ranges, beautiful landscapes and power packed adventures among them are setting a perfect tone for the game. The entire video game is designed by third-person perspective.

Enjoy the cinematic trailer of Beyond Good and Evil 2 game:

Under supervision of Director Michael Ancel, the video game will be developed by Ubisoft Montpellier. Release date and gaming platform are not announced though, but it is sure that it will run on multi platform. Gamers are eagerly waiting to get their hands dirty of young versions of Jade, Pey’j and the team.


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