Black Little Honey Photography Art – Honey Covered Human Models

Black Little Honey Photography is unconventional art. You love it or hate it, but it’s rare of a kind to see honey covered male and female models.


Black Little Honey Photography

Insane, isn’t it ? Can you ever think to ‘dip’ humans into honey and do such amazing photography of honey models? Black Little had done it. Check out the stunning photo series of people covered in honey. It has been viral on net with mixed reviews.

Blake Little, Los Angeles based Photography artist, worked on this unique idea of experimental photography for his latest project and monograph named ‘Preservation’.  It’s brand new avatar of the celebrity portrait photographer. His idea was to do photography experiment with human skin and thus this series came alive.

How the shooting was made:

For the shooting, Blake used 1,000 lb of honey every week. The specific type of honey was used which was very rich in shades of yellow tone which came into 5 pound containers. The assistants poured it on artists. The falling honey was collected back, recycled and reused on next model during the entire shooting.

Blake took honey models from varying ages and body types – from sleek male athlete, young women, one and a half year old baby, 85 year old big fat lady. On a surprise, he also took a dog. All the male and female dipped in honey and photographed in the studio. Lights and shadows use creatively to create amazing golden appearance on them. All are male and female models are pictured like they are frozen in time and space.

Black Little Honey Photography Art:

Blake will be showcasing this ‘Preservation’ series at Kopeikin Gallery, LA from 7th March to 18th April, 2015.

All images are © blake little.

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