Participate in Blender Beasts Competition, Total Winning Prizes Worth Over $3,000

GarageFarm.NET has organized Blender Beasts Competition. Total winning prizes are worth over $3,000.


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Blender is free and open source software, running on cross platform operating systems (Windows, Linux and Mac). It is a complete 3D and Post Production suite, which can totally compete with any other proven industry standard paid softwares. It can produce all works related to CGI and VFX pipeline – Modeling, Texturing, Rigging, Animation, FX / Simulation, Lighting, Rendering, Compositing and Matchmoving.

Blender is widely used by artists all around the globe for various 3D and video content creation. It can be completely customized using Python programming by integrating with Blender’s API. The software is continuously being developed and updated by its large user base. The best part – it can be used even for commercial purpose.

GarageFarm.NET is premium cloud based rendering farm, with combined power of CPU rendering and GPU rendering. It supports vast range of 3D and Post Production softwares, industry standard plug-ins and rendering engines. Made by two 3D artists themselves, Tomek and Minhee, it has affordable pricing policies for end users.

GarageFarm.NET has organized the Blender Beasts competition, free to participate. Check out more details.

Blender Beasts Competition Rules:

  • The wild animal can be original art work or taken from any existing movie / TV series / commercial or any other medium. The beast can be in any form – flesh and bones or mechanical. It all depends on your imagination.
  • 3D software to be used: Blender 2.79 or any other.
  • 3D rendering engine: Cycles.
  • Do final render through render farm GarageFarm.NET (You will get rendering credit worth $50 as you fill up the challenge participation form).
  • Submit only still image. It must be 1920 pixels wide. You can decide PAR (Pixel Aspect Ratio) as per your artwork.
  • One artist can submit more than one entry.

Prizes of Blender Beasts Competition:

  • Rendering credits worth $1,000 from GarageFarm.NET
  • Selected artworks of contest will get showcase on various social media channels
  • Top three artists will be featured on GarageFarm.NET website

and many more …

Last date of submission:

  • 20th December, Wednesday, 2017

Fill up this online form to get registered in Blender Beasts competition. You will receive periodic mails to upgrade your work with related tips and tricks.



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