Bobblehead Collecting 101: Tips, What to collect (super heroes, sports, celebrities), Where to buy online, How to display

Learn all about bobblehead: from buying tips to displaying your collection.


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A hobby is like having your own little slice of heaven. There are a lot of hobbies to choose from, but bobblehead collecting has been a standout. Bobblehead collecting has been one of the fastest-growing hobbies worldwide. Yes, bobblehead collecting may seem like a childish endeavor, but what people don’t know is that it is a great opportunity to earn money in the future.

The beginning of The Bobblehead Era:

Many of you might be wondering, what are bobbleheads? For those of you who don’t know, way back in 1842, The Overcoat which was a Russian story first mentioned a bobblehead doll. The idea traveled around the world from then on and in the early 20th century, it reached the US sports teams. Bobbleheads during the first part of the century were mostly viewed as a novelty but became all the rage thanks to Major League Baseball in the 1960s.

In 1970, the bobblehead craze died down but rose to fame again in 1999. Other teams joined the bandwagon in the early 2000s. And with the help of modern technology, from the first ceramic bobbleheads made to the polymer clay types we see today, these collectibles are definitely here to stay.

Read more for complete history of Bobbleheads, from 18th century till now.

What to collect?

The first and most important step in starting a bobblehead collection is deciding what types to collect. A popular choice would be major league baseball bobbleheads, but do not limit yourself to that. Among the popular ones are Star Wars characters like Darth Vader, Super Hero characters like Superman bobblehead and politicians.

There are bobbleheads that are worth a lot of money, these are the rare ones. Among the rare ones are the 1964 Beatles or the Green Bag Supreme Court Justices. Some people collect bobbleheads for sentimental reasons while others collect them because they are simply interested in collecting them. Do not let the sky be the limit when collecting bobbleheads, whatever your interests are, there is sure to be a perfect match for you.

Bobblehead collecting tips:

Judging which bobblehead will gain value or not can be really tough. Looking at the bobblehead based on when and where it was released is a handy rule of thumb. Bobbleheads that are from a more popular team or player would most likely have a higher value over time.

A condition of a vintage bobblehead should be your top priority when seeking to collect one. Bobbleheads that are over 50+ years aren’t going to be in pristine condition, so it would be wise to take your time in inspecting them before spending your money.

Collecting bobbleheads also come with their own lingo, just like any other hobbies. Here are a few terms that are worth knowing before you start collecting:

  • Retail: These bobbleheads are some of the easiest to find because they can usually be found in stores or online shops.
  • SGA/SGB: These acronyms are most often used for pieces that are part of a stadium giveaway.
  • ST or STH: These bobbleheads are usually given to season ticket holders as a way of thanking the fans. These are rarer since they are only given to loyal fans.
  • NIB: The acronym stands for New In Box, which is the reason why they are the ones that are often desired by collectors.

What makes bobbleheads collectable?

Bobbleheads appeal to collectors for a lot of reasons. Whether you are on a tight budget or not, the reality is that there is a bobblehead made for everyone. And given the fact that these collectibles gain value over time, you can conclude that this is the reason why people invest in them.

What is the value?

A value of a bobblehead is determined by who it represents and by how many were made. There are two important terms to remember in determining the value of a bobblehead. But some of the rare ones don’t fit in either category.

  • Vintage Baseball: These are one of the rarest to find because they are the ones that started it all.
  • Limited Edition: Based on the name itself, there aren’t a lot of copies made out there.

Displaying your bobblehead collection:

Finding a secure place to display your bobbleheads and keeping them away from children or pets is the number one rule. Bobbleheads are exceptionally delicate, especially in the head and neck area that a fall from just a few feet can easily destroy it. A dresser or a tall flat shelf should do the trick.

Bobbleheads come with a box and built-in stands that help them stay in place. Displaying your bobbleheads in their boxes is another option since some boxes are already decorated. For custom or rare bobbleheads, you might want to take it a step higher and buy UV protection cases or a multi-item rack.

Keeping your bobbleheads in pristine condition is very important. Items in mint conditions are worth so much more than damaged ones.

Start your bobblehead collection today!

Nowadays, bobbleheads can be easily found anywhere. Among the great places to find them are online shops, auctions or private toy collectors. Bobbleheads are fun to collect and play with just like baseball cards. They are also great displays to have. Ultimately, bobbleheads are a popular collectible among everyone because of their unique designs, amazing looks and incredible detail.

At the end of the day, a hobby should be fun and entertaining. And that’s what bobblehead collecting is about. Collecting bobbleheads reminds us of something that brings happiness into our lives and somehow becomes a part of us.



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