Chaos Group Acquired Render Legion with Corona Renderer

Chaos Group Acquired Render Legion and its renderer, Corona, as strategical move to become world leader in professional rendering solutions.


Chaos Group Acquired Render Legion and Corona Renderer

Chaos Group is very well known for V-Ray, realistic CGI renderer which won Sci-Tech Academy Award 2017. VRay has enormous credentials in blockbuster Hollywood movies, TV series, games, architecture, automobile and other top notch quality industry segments. On the continuous progression note, Chaos Group acquired Render Legion and its Corona Renderer. The official news was released on 29th August, 2017.

Render Legion is an established brand in various sectors of architectural and visualization. Corona, the rendering engine, is their flagship product. Corona renderer works as a standalone CLI (Command Line Interpreter) application. As 3D software application integration, it is available for Autodesk 3ds Max. Render Legion is owned by three partners / friends: Ondřej Karlík, Adam Hotový and Jaroslav Křivánek.

As Chaos Group acquired Render Legion, future collaboration between V-Ray and Corona will push the envelope of rendering solutions on a whole new level. Corona is already a huge brand name in architectural visualization rendering solutions. Now, with help of V-Ray, the technology of Corona will also divert to complex VFX rendering challenges. Initial development will be in the fields of hair and skin rendering. VRay will be adapting dome light algorithm of Corona rendering engine for optimization purpose.

The key take away from the acquisition is that V-Ray and Corona, both will share their own technologies with each other for collaborative growth and success. Such acquisition and mergers are not new for Chaos Group. Earlier details of acquisition / technology partnership are as follows.

  1. V-Ray integration to browser-based presentations of AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) through CL3VER
  2. Advancement of Virtual Reality (VR) in architectural visualization by combining V-Ray rendering to Oculus Rift through Nurulize

Vlado Karlík chaos group render legion corona

Digital artists and clients can expect more advancements in rendering solutions as Chaos Group acquires Render Legion and Corona. Both the companies will strive for an excellence in their own diversified markets by mutually supporting each other all technology developments and upgrades.


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