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character rigging webinar perry leijten

CG Master Academy (CGMA) is back with one more webinar. By this time it is teaching one of most demanded technical skills – Character Rigging. This one is one of the essentials of gaming production pipeline. Without convincing Animation, the game cannot hold the user for more time, and to do so rigging plays a pivotal role. At the same time, it is also very difficult skill to master. You also need to modify your techniques each time, as per animation style and demand of the game.

Details of the webinar are as follows:

Topic: Realtime Character Rigging
Mentor: Perry Leijten
Date: 15th November, Friday, 2019
Time: 12.30 PM (PST)

Perry Leijten is very well known name in Animation and Gaming industry. He is counted in leading technical rigging artists. He is currently working as Senior Rigging Technical Artist at Square Enix ATD. Apart from being an asset to production house, he is also a great teacher. He has taken various classes at NHTV and Gnomon school. Some of his outstanding credentials includes Horizon: Zero DawnDisney’s Kingdom Hearts III and Guerrilla Games Killzone: Shadow Fall. To optimize the production pipeline, he has developed various Maya plug-ins, which is now widely used by various gaming studios in their workflow.

Perry will also reveal his professional journey so far in the webinar, along with technical notes. You will learn production standard tips and tricks during this online video training tutorial. Some of the key modules of the webinar are as follows:

  • Creating robust engine-agnostic rigs
  • Scripting to improve and automate workflow
  • Reverse engineer existing rigs
  • Debug/anticipate problems

Character rigging webinar registration link:

Although this is online training, seats are limited. Click the following link and reserve your seat asap. Please make sure to change timzone as per your country, during the registration process.


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