CoeLux – Award Winning, Nano Technology based Artificial Skylight System for Indoor Architecture

CoeLux is an Artificial Skylight System that creates natural daylight without the Sun.



These are not computer generated or Photoshop altered images. These mind blowing and surreal images are from CoeLux – Sunlight without the Sun. CoeLux mimics real life sunlight simulation that is engineered by a group of Italian scientists. It has won ‘Light Source Innovation’ of the Year by Lux Awards 2014. This Artificial Skylight System, based on nano technology, has opened any verticals for indoor architecture.





The science behind Sunlight without the Sun:

Well, the scientists have not reveled the entire theory on white paper yet. Some of their excerpts says that they filter a light source through a layer of nano particles that gives produces daylight feeling of Sun. So, it maintains the color and quality of actual sunlight. This optical system reproduces the natural sunlight and color shades.

CoeLux is using a layer of clear polymer with titanium dioxide nano particles for Rayleigh scattering which create the real life phenomena. Their tagline perfectly showcases their power – Experience the sky.




Don’t believe yet ?

Check out the official video of CoeLux where they demonstrated the scientific process behind the artificial sunlight system :

Real life applications :

It’s exciting. You can have sunny sky anywhere and any way you want. CoeLux is available for tropical, mediterranean and nordic environments. Some of the major real life applications are –

  • Scientific experiments
  • Indoor architecture
  • Underground parking garage and Subways
  • Hospitals
  • Residential
  • Airport
  • Museums & Exhibitions



The Future :

To go on advanced level, now the Inventor Paolo Di Trapaniare, University of Insubria associate professor, and his team is working with Ideaworks. There are so many improvement are yet to come like moving light source, dynamic color temperature, space with more height and some others. CoeLux is sure to go ahead – very shiny and bright way. Experience the Sky without the Sun.

Check out the official website to know more.




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