Complex 3D Painting for 3ds Max Using Disperse (3ds Max plugin) from SiNi Software

Learn how you can draw complex 3D Painting for 3ds Max through Disperse, a free hand 3d painting tool. 


Complex 3D Painting for 3ds Max Disperse

SiNi Software is leading brand name in 3D Animation and VFX industry for providing cutting edge software solutions through plug-ins and tools. The company is named after its founders, Simon Donaghy (Si) and Nigel Hunt (Ni). The goal is to help for creating faster production pipeline in cost effective manner. Their plugins for Autodesk 3ds Max are IgNite, SiClone, ProxSi, Disperse, Forensic and Scatter (in beta test).     

In webinar series of Novedge, Simon Donaghy has organized online learning session of complex 3D Painting for 3ds Max. For the same, Disperse will be used from plug-in shelf of SiNi Software. Essential details are as follows.

Webinar module: 3D painting of an outdoor scene
Date: 21st February, Wednesday, 2018
Time: 11 am PDT (Click the Registration Link to know time zone of your country)
Duration: 1 hour with Q&A session
Webinar entry fees: Free

Disperse is compatible with Autodesk 3ds Max 2014-2018. It acts as a freehand 3D painting tool and object replacer. So, artist can concentrate more on creative aspects rather than going through technical know-how. It helps to create complex painting and design without any restrictions. To work with depth details, you can also add 3D geometries or proxies through Paintbrush gizmo. After creating the 3D mesh of an object, you can easily export it to other applications or save as separate objects for further enhancements. 

Simon will also talk about all latest features of Disperse and memory management system of leading rendering engines. The webinar is for the artists who belong to field of Animation, VFX, Visualization, Architecture, Gaming and other related. Some of the major features of Disperse are:

  • Paint any 3d geometry, proxy, point cache
  • Add as many objects to a brush as required
  • Objects can be edited, erased individually or as selections
  • Optimises scene by converting to single mesh as you paint
  • Colour and texture variation

disperse sini software 3ds max plugin

Click the Registration Link to join the free webinar: Complex 3D Painting for 3ds Max.


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