Dare to Participate in “Dark Side Challenge” by Cebas Visual Technology?

“Dark side challenge” by Cebas Visual Technology is open for both – freshers as well professionals. It is Render, FX and VFX challenge where the participants have to use any of Cebas visual effects tool. Check out complete details.


dark side challenge cebas visual technology

The dark side challenge is one of it’s kind online VFX competition sponsored by Cebas Visual Technology. Cebas is very powerful software company to create realistic visual effects for movies, commercials, games, architectures and other digital mediums. Apart from VFX, the tools also empower to convert movies into 3D stereo. Narnia and Harry Potter series are have used technology of cebas. It is authorized developing partner with Autodesk Maya and 3ds Max.

Out of the cluster of various software solutions, following are the major applications of cebas :

  • thinkingParticles
  • finalRender
  • finalToon
  • moskitoRender
  • volumeBreaker

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Entry level freshers and expert professional both can participate in this dark side challenge. For the challenge purpose, all trail versions of softwares can be downloaded from the official site. Before applying for the online contest, the artist must have a free account with cebas and 3DTutorials. To make the output much more astonishing, the artist can combine other visual effects softwares also. He / she can upload more than one entry.

There are three categories for this competition for Entry level artists :

  1. Render challenge : The participant can use finalRender / moskitoRender trial version to submit watermarked image output.
  2. FX challenge : The participant can use trial version of thinkingParticles. The project file cannot be save in trial mode, so the artist can submit all HD screenshots containing various breakdowns and final output in jpeg format.
  3. VFX challenge : It can be YouTube / Vimeo link or software viewport playback.

Professional level artists can use multiple cebas and other VFX softwares to create best visual output. The artist must use genuine softwares. If other softwares are used, their names and functions must be clearly mentioned.

VFX winners will receive a free one year subscription to thinkingParticles 6.2 and all updates. Render winners will receive a free one year subscription to moskitoRender and all updates. The updates will long for the entire year.

The submission deadline is 1st March 2016.

Check out the official link of dark side challenge on the official site for more in-depth details.



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