Deadpool Making of Movie, Before After Shots with VFX Breadkdown

Get ready to have entertaining doze of Deadpool’s super duper making of movie and before after VFX breakdowns.


deadpool making of movie

Deadool visual effects had raised the bar of story telling out of the way by continuously breaking the forth with his bad ass dialogues.

Tim Miller has been set outstanding on all comic lovers expectations even though it is his debut directorial movie. Deadpool is not just any other ‘hero‘ to make movie of. Miller, being a visual effects artist himself, had crafted his own style in both film making and post production to make alive this amazing character. Deadpool test footage leaked on YouTube in July 2014 got overwhelming response which led to start the movie project. Following image was just released by Ryan Reynolds as last minute campaign.

deadpool oscar campaign ryan reynolds

before after vfx deadpool

behind the scense vfx

So many post production houses worked seamlessly to create the astonishing visual effects of the movie including Blur Studio (Tim Miller is co-founder), Digital Domain, Weta Digital, Rodeo FX,  Image Engine, Luma Pictures and others. All the VFX studios maintain the gore and blood style which is typical to this character. Deadpool has already been up as the highest grossing R-rated movie and continuously breaking box office records. In just second week, it made whooping $55 Million.

The biggest hurdle was to make an entry shot which mimics the exact characteristics of the Deadpool which is played by Ryan Reynolds. And hence, Blur Studio came up with insane 85 seconds of opening title with complete CG. This freeway chase battle sequence was rendered by GPU renderer, V-Ray RT. It was a hell lot of CG & live actions Compositing with Matchmoving of multiple in-house green screen shooting, on locations shooting of freeway, motion capture shooting, 3D animation, fully computer generated environments, digital doubles and high octane FX simulations.

mo cap suit ryan reynolds

deadpool drawing letter

Apart from Deadpool, Colossus is one of the VFX highlights of the movie as it made of five different actors performances, mo cap shootings and special facial animation. Check out the making of Colossus :

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All the images belong to their respective domains. Read full article on fxguide regarding making of movie. Enjoy other before and after images and VFX breakdowns below.

chroma vfx deadpool before after

chroma vfx before after deadpool

chroma before after shooting

before after chroma shoot

deadpool nuke camera tracking

colossuss deadpool before after

colossuss deadpool before after vfx

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freeway car stunt cg

freeway car chase

green chroma screen before

green chroma screen after deadpool

cgi deadpool fx

deadpool breaking the fourth wall

deadpool dancing

deadpool breaking fourth wall

deadpool warhead colossus

deadpool colossus motion capture suit

deadpool fighting sword

deadpool xmen universe

Negasonic Teenage Warhead Ellie Phimister

Ryan Reynolds Deadpool

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