Can ‘Deep Image Matting’ Technology of Adobe Kill Using Green and Blue Screen?

Adobe’s Deep Image Matting technology is creating waves in various verticals of Media and Entertainment industry. Check out technical details.


deep image matting kill green blue screen chroma shooting

Adobe is the leading software technology brand which keeps on innovating new products that are used by billions of digital artists all around the globe. Various software packages are utilized in industries like Architecture, Virtual Reality (VR), Animation, VFX, Gaming, Automobiles, Medial, Science and many more. Some of the most common applications are Photoshop, Acrobat reader, PDF along with cloud based creative suit.

Their latest digital revolution is ‘Deep Image Matting’ technique. It is developed by the collaboration of Adobe Research and Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology. The USP of the said technology is that it can separate foreground and background content very precisely, without the help of green or blue screen shooing. The chroma shooting has been an essential technique for movie making from decades. Till now, it was impossible to visualize shooting without it. But, DMT can be a game changer. If it can solve practical challenges of VFX shooting, the actors will work in more natural environment rather than dealing with imaginary actors or place holders. It can end the era of chroma keying technique as well reducing the production cost on giant level.

adobe deep image matting

‘Deep Image Matting’ technology is based on deep convolution neural networks. This A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) based procedure can extract foreground element from any background. Unlike chroma technique of matte extraction, it can work on virtually any color combination and lighting conditions. The deep learning neural networks has been worked on 1000 testing images, after studying and receiving knowledge of more than 50K images. The results has been extra ordinary. Apart from Photography world which works on image platform, the technique can be very well used for videos. To know complete detail, read the complete 10 page research paper of Deep Image Matting.

deep convolution neural networks adobe

As per the reports, rendering time can be around 1 minute for 2K footage (2048 x 1556 pixels) on modern GPU and CPU computer set. Things looks very much sorted on the paper. But, if this technology can be aligned properly in the post production pipeline, it can reduce hundreds of men hours which geared towards frame by frame rotoscoping due to bad chroma shooting.

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Till date, there is no clarification on the issue of integrating Deep Image Matting in Adobe Creative Suite. But, it will surely gonna happen, sooner or later.


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