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How to create professional posters using free online software?


designcap online free software poster flyer

The poster is a business instrument for organizers to report to the public on the holding of cultural, recreational, sports and other activities. Posters commonly are divided into categories such as show posters, lecture posters, movie posters, exhibition posters and so on. However, it may be a problem to create an attractive poster. The general requirement of poster design is to make people at a glance. Posters usually contain notification, so the theme should be clearly visible, and sum up time, place, notes and other main content with the most concise statement. The illustration of the poster, the beauty of the layout is usually a good way to attract attention.

In the following paragraph, you will see in detail how to create posters with free online software. There are a variety of poster tools on the market which might be helpful for you. But if you want to create a poster by using a simple and easy tool, then one of the most recommend software is DesignCap. It is a powerful online tool that allows you to choose from many predefined templates and create your own poster. It is available to use without a registration requirement. You can export the final creation for free, to share it on social networks or print it at your pleasure.

designcap create free flyer poster

Check out some steps about how to use and some of its features. You will find out how simple to create posters is. From the home page of DesignCap, you need to click on a button “make a free poster” to start this creative work now. You can start with hundreds of template on which we add text and clipart.

After choosing whether to use one of the templates, use the tools in the toolbar located at the top left corner. Here are some of those that could come back to you more useful.

  • Template- provides a whole series of useful templates such as promotion, music, education, etc. you can choose the template that most attracts you by selecting the category of reference.
  • Photo- allows you to upload images, import Facebook photo and many other online images into the poster.
  • Text – offers all the options needed to add text, change its font, its property, the effect and so on.
  • Clipart- provides all the options to insert icons, geometric shapes, embellishment and other graphic elements.
  • BKGground – lets you set a color or choose a pattern for the background of the poster you are creating.

As soon as you have finished creating your poster, click on the save button located at the top and choose the format in which to save. You do not need any special graphics skills or browse through hundreds of online resources to get everything right. If you are not very good at creating posters, this is the online tool that could be for you. In addition to being characterized by a very intuitive interface which facilitates its use, DesignCap also allows you to create posters starting from high-quality, customizable templates.

Also try one more software titled DesignEvo. It can make professional logo online from huge library of templates.

But if you don’t think DesignCap can meet your creative needs, try following free online softwares. They’re all very useful tools for creating posters or flyers, all worth mentioning.


It is also a simple and reliable design platform for businesses or individual needs, enabling them to create professional, high-quality graphic designs. It is free but the advanced features are intended for those who choose to subscribe to a paid plan that can be tested. If you want, you can also order the printing of the works done and receive them directly at home.


This is another online service useful for the creating poster, directly through the window of the Web browser and without having to download anything on the computer. Once signed in you can then select the templates you want to work on and start customizing them the way you want. It has a huge library of photos and graphics to help you make your design stand out.


But if you want to try some software solution to make posters on your computer, I suggest you to use Posterazor: a free and open source program that allows you to create an account, select one of the many layouts available, customize it and finally save the project on your PC or share it with other users. It is available on both Windows and Mac and Linux.

Happy Designing !!!


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