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Demystify two of the core questions of VFX industry: 2D vs 3D and various job opportunities.


2d vs 3d introduction to visual effects

After shifting to a new location, Escape Studios is back with the webinar series to provide free online training. Rater than software teaching, by this time, they are focused on some essential topics of the Visual Effects industry. 2D vs 3D (difference between 2D and 3D) is one of the most asked question and majority of time, the answer is misleading or half true. Participate in this webinar to understand this technical thing thoroughly.

Details of the webinar are as follows.

Topic: Introduction to Visual Effects: 2D vs 3D

Trainer: Allar Kaasik

Date: 5th September, Thursday, 2019

Time: 6 pm London (Change time to your country’s time zone on the webinar registration page)

Duration: 1 hour

Webinar registration link:

2D vs 3D is a very vast topic. Only an experienced Visual Effects artist can describe it in proper manner. Sometimes, both the streams can become overlapping, depending on the execution style. One of the best example of this is the latest Hollywood blockbuster movie ‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’ from Marvel. The movie is visual extravaganza. Although it is 3D movies, many of the sequences / scenes are rendered in 2D style. Confused? Don’t worry, attend the webinar to get all your queries solved.

Apart from it, Allar will also focus on various job designations of Animation and VFX industry (Matte painting, Modeling, Texturing, Lighting, Shading, Rigging, Animation, FX, Rendering, Roto, Paint, Tracking, Projection, Compositing and many more). If you have your queries, so ask him in Q&A session, followed by the webinar. Allar will also talk about various professional approaches to become industry standard artist.

Allar Kaasik has 11+ years of industry experience in various job roles of Visual Effects industry. He worked on various job genres like commercials, movies and music videos. He successfully headed VFX editorial department at Realise Studios. Currently, he is one of the major Compositing tutor at Escape Studios.


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