Download free game assets worth $17,000,000 from official Unreal Engine Marketplace

Download free game assets of ‘Paragon’ game, by Epic Games and Unreal Engine.


download free game assets paragon

Paragon was a multiplayer online battle game, developed and published by Epic Games in 2016. The game was developed by using Unreal Engine 4. But, somehow, the game wad made off in 2018. To make it useful, Epic Games and Unreal Engine made all game assets free for download. All the materials and contents costs at whooping $17,000,000.

You can download all art games data from Unreal Engine Marketplace. Students can use all these contents for free in their various projects. This collection of free game art includes:

    • 39 AAA characters (Aurora, Drongo, Gideon, Greystone, Iggy & Scorch, Kallari, Lt. Belica, Morigesh, Narbash, Revenant, Sparrow, Steel, Sun-Wukong, Terra, The Fey, Wraith, Yin, Zinx, Boris and more)
    • More than 1,500 environments
    • Sample maps
    • Games images
    • Base meshes of characters and other free 3D models
    • Thousands of character skins and games textures
    • Rigs
    • Custom animation blue prints
    • Animation cycles
    • VFX
    • Dialogues

Artists will also have access to series of of animation livestreams to enhance their animation skills and getting used with production pipeline. If you are using free game assets of Paragon for your work, do tag @UnrealEngine and #UE4 when you publish your work.

Download link of all gaming assets of Paragon at Unreal Engine Marketplace. Download all Paragon packs from here and also learn how to use them.

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