Dream11 Team Fantasy Cricket: Winning tips and tricks

Learn winning strategies of Dream 11 Fantasy Cricket and maximize your earnings.


Dream11 team Fantasy Cricket tips & trick form winning teams

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘Cricket is a religion in India’. Almost everyone loves watching or playing cricket. Similarly, Fantasy Cricket has been a viral trend amongst all cricket lovers. In just a small span of time, it became the next big thing. This online gaming format gives freedom to anyone and everyone to make their own virtual / online cricket fantasy leagues, and harness their sports skills to earn real money.

What is a Fantasy Cricket?

It is a visionary digital sports platform, falling under the genre of ‘fantasy sports’. Apart from cricket, it includes other real sports including basketball, football, hockey and kabaddi. Dream11 is the leading online platform to play this game which has continuously been rising in India.

Fantasy cricket is creating your own dream team of 11 players and 3 substitutes from allotted list of real cricketers, from any country. You must select only those players, who are actively playing the real match. If these players play well in the real match, you increase your points and earn money and vice versa. If things are going wrong, you are free to swap them with your selected set of substitute players. Points rely on runs, catches, wickets and other parameters.

Winning tips and tricks of Fantasy Cricket:

Fantasy cricket mainly works on three things: your real life cricket knowledge and skills, your stroke of luck/chance and your imagination. Check out following winning strategies and tips & tricks to maximize your cash earnings.

1. Start small:

It is the biggest mistake that the majority of people do. On the initial level, play on a small amount and play in small leagues. It will give you much-needed confidence and knowledge about this unique online gaming platform. Learn nuisances of fantasy cricket and progressively start playing on bigger leagues.

2. Analyse all your ‘imaginary parameters’ with ‘after match real statistics’.

This is an all-time great tip – learn from your mistakes. After the real match ends, do proper and unbiased cross-check between how and why you choose certain players and what happened in the real-life match. You might select a player based on your country preference, but such an emotional value will not work here. Select the players which are in full form now and playing in the majority of matches – national and international.

Even the pitch of the current match will drastically affect your judgement. If there is a flat pitch, take slightly more batsmen or all-rounder players who can perform excellent balling and batting.

3. The right mix of experienced and new players:

It is one of the most crucial strategies of online cricket game to select the best combination of players. You must not over budget your team by taking all higher bidding players, you need to balance it. Focus on new players who are showing remarkable success and are on low bid. By such way, you can control your expense and maximise your profit. Also be smart enough to swap current players with substitutes instantly, if they seem not to be performing in a live match.

4. Concentrate on initial order of bowlers and batsmen:

What will be if you select highest bidding batsman and he is placed on 4th or 5th number of the position in the batting order? There is a probability that he might not get a chance to bat or get only the last few balls of the match. In such criteria, you are dragging yourself in losing side. Same is true with bowlers.

So, select at least 80% of your team players who are coming in top order.

5. Understand points system very well before making your team:

As fantasy cricket is an online sport, it is entirely a different game altogether.  The system works on points, not the winning or losing of the game. Before forming a team, you must know how the final points are calculated. For example, the captain gives 2X points and vice-captain gives 1.5X points. So, if you have selected all rounder player here, your chance of winning huge cash is increased. Also, there are points for catches, maiden over, the fifties, wickets and overall fielding, so you must take 2-3 players who are excellent in these.

So, in a nutshell, fantasy cricket is an online virtual game based on real cricket players and the score depends solely on the performance of real players in the live cricket match. Although it is a digital experience, the adrenaline rush keeps you hooked up to it. Rather than just being a spectator of a match, you feel all the action and excitement as you are also actively playing the game.


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