Drones for Preservation: Amazing Webinar by 3DR Site Scan & Autodesk

3DR (3DR Site Scan) and Autodesk joins hands to digitize historic artifacts. Check out online session of Drones for Preservation.


drones for preservation

3DR is the brain child of Chris Anderson, founder of DIYDrones.com. 3DR aka ‘3D Robotics’ was established by Chris and Jordi Muñoz. They revolutionize the industry of UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle). The duo successfully launched many products like Pixhawk platform, IRIS, IRIS+, Solo and Site Scan.

3DR Site Scan is an aerial analytics package which works on aerial data captured by Solo drone. Site Scan Drone and DJI Phantom 4 Pro provides complete drone software solutions for AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) industry. 3DR Site Scan also provides four specific solutions (Collaboration, Surveying, Engineering and Earthworks) to fulfil various aerial data capture requirements.

How 3DR Site Scan works?

  1. Drone captures the entire location / site in 360°.
  2. All the raw data is processed in 3DR cloud platform. It uses Pix4D Engine and Autodesk ReCap.
  3. The output provides complete physical asset management and analysis for further decision making and planning.

Using Drones for Preservation webinar:

Using drones for preservation purpose is very unique concept. Till now, we were working on site physically with many heavy tools. Such practice needs very careful attention. Now, with this new innovative drone technology we are able to save all historical artifacts in digital format without damaging them more. Combined with Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality (AR & VR) and laser scanners, it can give us minute details.

Essential details of the webinar are as follows.

Date: 31st May, Thursday
Time: 11.00 am PT / 2.00 pm ET
Dace Campbell, Senior Customer Success Manager (Autodesk)
Hugh McFall, Product Marketing Manager (3DR)
Duration: 45 minutes

3dr site scan drones phantom

Dace will speak about how they used 3RD Site Scan and drones to preserve some of the sites of Micronesia. He will also explain production workflow of drones to VR, related challenges and how they tackled it with combined technical resources of 3DR and Autodesk.

Click here to join the webinar of Drones for Preservation. Feel free to opt for free 3DR Site Scan demo. Don’t worry even if you miss the live webinar. You will receive link of webinar recording on your given email id.


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