Elara (Foundry Athera) Webinar: Why and How to Move Your VFX Pipeline in Virtual Studio Setup of Cloud

Join Elara (Athera) webinar and learn how to setup complete post production visual effects pipeline for your virtual studio in cloud.


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Elara from Foundry was one of the major attractions at NAB 2017. In a nutshell, it is a cloud computing technology, for all your Animation and Visual Effects needs, which will be must in coming years. It belongs to category of SaaS (Software as a service). How? Get all your queries solved in Elara webinar.

Please note that ‘Project Elara’ got re-branded officially as ‘Athera’ by Foundry later on. 

Current post production VFX pipeline is physical (location dependent) and hard-wired based system. It is good for executing in-house projects seamlessly, but during working with global teams, we face various issues. Sometimes, it leads to do compromise somewhere. Cloud based post production pipeline is logical and proven solution for this.

Our industry is witnessing the shift to cloud based services slowly, but steadily. Some small time players / studios are successfully minting the benefits of cloud based post production workfloe. We are still on novice stage, but going strong to achieve more miles in the future. Here comes, Elara in the picture. Leveraging it, you can create your own virtual studio in cloud and can get the most out of it.

Check out all you want to know about Foundry Elara (now Athera) from this in-depth technical article.

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The current online training session will talk about how to use the latest cloud technology to use at your disposal for betterment of VFX pipeline. Essential details of Elara webinar are as follows.

Subject: Elara in Action: a scalable VFX pipeline using the elastic power of the cloud

Date: 14th December, Thursday, 2017

Time: 5:00 pm GMT | 9:00 am PST

Venue: Online

Topics: Key features of Elara, How to setup complete post production VFX pipeline of your virtual studio in cloud


Mathieu Mazerolle, senior product manager, is one of the core team members of Foundry Elara development. Mathieu is tech savvy geek, works in various technical fields of Media and Entertainment sector. His recent project was with Amazon Web Services, in perspective of managing infrastructure through cloud based technology.

Richi Paramo, leading creative specialist of Foundry, has decade over experience and expertise of post production pipeline at top notch VFX studios like ILM, Deluxe and Mikros. Apart from Elara development, he has worked on various core modules of Nuke and Cara VR.

Online Q&A session will be conducted before closing the Elara webinar. Mathieu and Richi will be more than happy to solve queries of attendances. They will also share necessary links to learn more about Elara from Foundry.

Click the link to reserve you online seat for free online training of Elara.

Don’t miss the webinar. See you there.

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