Enjoy The Best, Worst Fail and Most Viral Videos of Celebrities and Fashion World – Photoshopped !

Enjoy cool before-after videos of Celebrities and Fashion world, edited by Adobe Photoshop.



From all the digital artists worldwide – Happy Birthday Photoshop !

Adobe Photoshop is seen from all good to bad things – retouching God images to removing clothes of women, making vivid out of the box images to shape the supermodel and celebrity people, from creative super natural world to abstract art form and so on.  You call it boon or bane, but unknowingly it is integrated in our daily lives that we cannot say it is real or Photoshopped!

So, sit back, have coffee and relax.

Watch the most viral videos of celebrities and fashion. Photoshop is used extensively to beautify them. The finishing of Photoshop is so realistic that you can’t even tell that it is digitally altered, if you haven’t seen the before-after videos.

Celebrity Photos – Photoshopped :

Check out some extreme makeover of model and celebrities photos of before and after Photoshop. What we see on silver screen and various print medias, are not real at all. The beauty is retouched on every move to make them more gorgeous.


This video is an eye opener to the Media and Entertainment industry. It had become a huge viral on YouTube. And mind well, it’s just a first part. Also watch two more parts. It shows the entire process from clever shooting to mammoth retouching in Photoshop.

Enjoy the most funniest commercial of Adobe Photoshop. It is witty and perfectly designed to show the power of Photoshop. The best ad that shows power of Photoshop, created by Jesse Rosten.


Enjoy some epic fails of Photoshop artists:

These are amazing collection of biggest and worst Photoshop fails. Digital artists sometimes goes beyond the level for celebrities and Fashion media or undergo some extreme unreal mistakes. And when it is done on celebrities, YouTube and various social media channels takes it on storm. Have fun !!!





How Photoshop is used to create body shape editing, complete makeover and transformation:

Learn out process of body shape editing and makeover in Photoshop. These tutorials are from beginner to advance level of Photoshop users. You can see full before after Photoshop effects.






Loved what saw – The power to become ‘Digital God’ ? We want to be amazed with your creativity and expertise using Photoshop. Order your own copy of Photoshop or download a trial version from official site of Adobe. More over, you can also get free sign up to Adobe Creative Cloud to use Photoshop and other relevant digital applications with mobile apps, web storage and many more advance features.

Take online Photoshop quiz and get instant score. You will also see correct answer if you went wrong.

Get Photoshop, Get Creative !!!!


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