Apply in Evermotion Contest 2016: The Secret Garden

Participate in Evermotion Contest 2016 of Arch-viz category: The Secret Garden. Apply in this annual competition to win great prizes.


evermotion contest the secret garden

Evermotion is one of the best solutions for various assets of 3D world including models and textures, tutorials, architectural objects and many more. Like every year, they had came up with Evermotion contest 2016 titled as ‘The Secret Garden‘. Required details of Evermotion contest in nutshell are as follows.

What to create:

As the contest name suggests, the output must be a garden. It is entirely up to your creative ideas and imagination. Your entry will be judged on the basis of your idea and execution.

How to apply:

Register and login in the official Evermotion forum: The Secret Garden – Challenge 2016. Make a new thread and submit your output. You have to upload WIPs and final render output. The order can be as follows.

  • Concept art
  • Modeling
  • Texturing
  • Lighting and Rendering
  • Post Effects and Compositing


  • Only one entry is allowed per artist.
  • It has to be personal work, not a group project.
  • Any company cannot participate.
  • You can use ready-made 3D models and textures. But, you have to submit necessary credits to the owner.
  • The final render should not be lower than 1200px.
  • Add strip with your name below the final output render image.


  • You can use any 3D software and rendering engine.
  • Final touch up can be done in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects or any other 2D package.
  • Mention all the software names that had been used.

Evermotion contest schedule:

Start date: 18th October, 2016

End date: 17th January, 2017

Jury panel:

  1. Barbara Witkowska and Robert Filipowicz: Internationally acclaimed Evermotion artists
  2. Yavor Stoikov: Chaos Group CG specialist. A huge name for making of the V-Ray Training Programs and arch-viz demos.
  3. Nguyen Manh Hung: Co-founder of CGRecord.


Total award prize money is worth €16 017.

The sponsors are AXYZ Design, Chaos Group, iCube R&D Group, Itoo software, Thinkinetic Pulldownit, RAYVISION Inc. (Fox Renderfarm), GarageFarm, The Rebus Render Farm, Renderbuzz and Xrender. Media coverage is handled by CG Record.


Check out the official page of Evermotion contest for more details.

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