Where to Job – Part 2: Well-known Post Production Studio or Small Scale Post Production Studio?

We have seen the essential differences between Famous Post Production Studio and Small Scale Post Production Studio in terms of CG/VFX pipeline and Knowledge growth. Check out other major factors for job selection.


Famous Post Production Studio or Startup

You have read the in depth discussion on topics of CG / VFX pipeline and Knowledge growth in the first part of the series: Where to Job – Well known or Small scale Post Production Studio? Check out other essential topics.

3) Salary Growth:


Well-known Post Production Studio:

Depends on the system and skills of the artist. It can be of 6 monthly to yearly basis or early if the artist outperforms. But, as said ahead, it varies from studio to studio. Some facilities don’t pay well even if they are earning a huge money from artists.

In bigger and famous post production studio, there can be some perks apart from salary like food / entertainment / shopping vouchers, family or stand alone medical cover, bonus etc. Some studios also pay artist for overtime and Sunday working on per hour or fixed amount basis.

Small scale Post Production Studio:

It can go through some hiccups as the studio is growing or sometimes generating very less amount of profit.

Don’t expect frequent salary hikes in this studio module. Sometimes, the founders don’t take his/her salary but invest the amount for marketing or generating more business. Due to this financial crunch, they are fine if the artist is generating freelance work using office machines. Well, they make sure it must not hamper their official projects. If any employee brings huge work to the studio, he/she is given commission apart from the regular salary. It’s win win situation for both of them.

Verdict: The simplest trick to increase the salary is to change the studio. But, make sure not to make it regular practice. You should quit the company if you are not learning anything new and doing same practice every day.

4) Output Quality:


Practically, project quality depends on skills of the artist along with client budget and delivery timeline.

There is no equation like only big studio with more digital artists can produce highest quality output. Even small scale production house can generate excellent animation and visual effects output. In fact, all the major VFX studios of today had started with a small team of artists or generalists only. Gradually they evolve into a large set up.

Studio estimates all quality variations (best, good, average) with relevant price tags to the client. The studio will work accordingly as per the option decided by the client. So, in this service industry, quality output go hand in hand with the clients requirements. If the artist leaves a well known post production facility and starts his own set-up or works in a small scale house, the output will be of the same quality.

Verdict: Ultimately it’s an Artist who executes a shot, not a Company. So, the quality output depends on the caliber of the artist, not the size of a company.

5) Studio Politics:


Well-known Post Production Studio:

It is Corporate Game of Thrones.

This is not an ideal situation for growth of any company. Unfortunately, you cannot deny but have to accept it. The politics may be inter department or within different modules of the production pipeline. Bigger VFX studios follow multi layered hierarchy at management and technical level. Obviously, both share some common platforms to get different opinions and this gives fuel to the lack of proper information flow within them.

Sometimes it is more than typical office politics, they have different lobby based on cast / old friendship. Everyone knows about the studio politics and favoritism. Rather than executing the work upfront, they keep on fighting on official emails. This unproductive process, in long run, ruins the post production house.

Verdict: Take it with a pinch of salt. There is no meaning of struggling with the system. No one is interested to disturb the old and proven working team for a fresher artist.

Small scale Post Production Studio:

Small scale post production houses concentrate more on growth rather than personal egos or tantrums.

Well, it may exist but with low intensity because it’s human tendency. As long as it not harmful for the studio success, it if fine. Less amount of people makes it difficult to grow office politics.

Generally, these studios follows an open door policy. Even junior or fresher artist can directly talk with the CEO or the Technical Director. So, problems are resolved much more faster and on a better note, leaving every one happy and satisfactory. Even the fresher can share his/her ideas for creative and technical improvements without any hesitation.

Verdict: Actually, this is one of the main reasons to quit from famous post production studio and start own production house.

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