Foundry’s Official Recorded Katana Webinars (Tutorials): Part 1, 2 and 3

Foundry presents the official Learning Katana webinars. Check out the best Katana tutorials from Jordan Thistlewood. 


Learning Katana Webinars Tutorials

Katana is an industry standard lighting and look development tool. In February 2013, Katana won the most prestigious ‘Academy Technical Achievement Award’ from ‘The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’. The learning series of Katana webinars is conducted by the Product Manager himself, Jordan Thistlewood. Get power packed knowledge from these three video tutorials, whose total duration is more than 3.5 hours.

Moreover, the artists who had participated in all three live webinars, has been issued an attendance certificate. These tutorials comes under the learning initiative titled ‘Become a Better Artist’ from Foundry.

Part 1 of Learning Katana webinars focuses of the basic but core fundamentals and concepts of the software. Jordan showcases how the artist can tweak the workflow of Katana as per the rendering plugin being used in the production pipeline.  

Part 2 advances from the first lecture. It teaches asset look development tools of Katana and how to seamlessly blend it into production pipeline. This tutorial shows very essential techniques to unleash the power of the tool. 

Part 3 of Katana webinars series ends with the finished output through shot lighting production. It explains the pipeline that can be used with all major third party rendering plug-ins. Strongly integrated approach shows how Katana can be used to light one shot to the entire sequence with ease. 

For more updates and insights, check out official page of Katana on Foundry.


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