Participate in Foundry NUKE Competition 2017 and Win Great Prizes

Foundry has announced Nuke competition 2017. The emphasis is on Smart Vector toolset for better production pipeline.


nuke competition 2017 foundry

Apart from Foundry India Roadshow 2017, the visual effects software company has also launched Nuke competition for all genres of digital artists. VFX artist can use his/her preferred tools of Nuke, but Smart Vector tool must be used majorly – this is an utmost important note to take care of. You are free to use scripting or other native plugins.

Smart Vector is Nuke’s one more industry standard tool for minimizing production timeline with seamless output. The artist works on one frame and SmartVector node can implement it on sequence of frames, maintaining consistency and accuracy. For better control, VectorDistort node can be used for manual changes and corrections. Such integrated node architecture facilitates for rendering the motion vectors only one time, to catch with production deadlines. Make sure to use various features of the tool. Go through Nuke Smart Vector tutorials to get started if you are new to it.

nuke smart vector tool

Essential details of the Nuke contest are given below.

How to participate in the Nuke competition?

Shoot your own video or download these official videos to work on. Although, shooting your own video is recommended for the contest as you will have better control in the post production pipeline. The output will be evaluated on various parameters such as node structure, quality and mainly, how creatively you had used Smart Vector toolset.

VFX stock footages can also be used to improve look and feel of the final output.

Competition Rules:

  • Submit video output in QuickTime H264 format with less than 150 MB in size.
  • Video resolution must be 1920 x 1080.
  • Video duration must be less than 30 seconds.
  • Any VFX artist can upload more than one entry.

Where to submit your entry?

Upload your final video output here.

Important Dates:

  • Nuke competition ends on 6th November, Monday, 2017 (10 am GST).
  • Foundry will publish top 5 entries, selected by judges, on its official Facebook page on 21st November, Tuesday 2017.
  • All winners will be announced on 24th November, Friday, 2017 (10 am GST).

Various prizes are in form of graphics card (AMD Studios), program subscription (Pluralsight) and software licenses from Foundry (Production Collective, Cara VR, Nuke Studio) itself. For more information of the Nuke competition, check out official link.

Best luck to all participants.

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