Free VFX Webinar Tutorial: Advanced Clean Up and Removal Techniques

Learn industry standard clean up techniques using Mocha Pro and Continuum inside Premiere Pro in latest free VFX webinar.


free vfx webinar clean up roto mocha

Check out details of Boris FX’s latest live training event for VFX artists.

Webinar topic: Fix, Remove & Clean Up: Mocha and Continuum
Date: 13th December, Thursday 2018
Time: 2 pm EST/11 am PST (Change this time to your country’s time zone in webinar registration page)
Trainers: Mary Poplin (Mocha Product Specialist), Ross Shain (Chief Product Officer – Boris FX / Imagineer Systems)

During live action shooting, there are many unwanted objects got shot. It may be boom mike, shadows, camera reflection in mirror, camera cables, extra people / objects or so on. Cleaning / removing all these is one of the essential part of post production process. Every shot is a new challenge, to be treated with new technique of planar tracking, rotoscoping and paint. You may use single software or, as per the complexity of the shot, you need to shuffle between more than one software to get desired output. This is tedious process, but requires higher degree of attention and accuracy to successfully remove all extra elements from a sequence.

Mocha gurus Mary Poplin and Ross Shain will take you through practical session of clean up and removing of unwanted objects in this free VFX webinar. The live training event will emphasis more on techniques, rather than software. If your fundamental knowledge is perfect and you know how to tackle the shot, any industry standard software can work. For this live technical training session, Mary and Ross will use Mocha Pro and Continuum’s 2019 version plugin inside Adobe Premiere Pro.

This tips and tricks tutorial for clean up, paint and object removal is applicable to all levels of editors and visual effects digital artists.

Topics of the free VFX webinar:

  • Clone/offset tips using Continuum’s Image Restoration plug-ins
  • Continuum vs Mocha Pro: choose the tool for the shot
  • Removing unwanted shadows and reflections with Mocha Pro
  • Advanced removal techniques with clean plates

VFX prizes for webinar attendees:

Best of Boris FX including the Bundle, Mocha Pro, Continuum & Sapphire!

Webinar registration link:

Click the official link to get registered for the webinar of ‘Fix, Remove & Clean Up: Mocha and Continuum’ by Boris FX


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