Fusion 9 to Fusion 16: Blackmagic Design aligned it with DaVinci Resolve

Why BMD jumped from Fusion 9 to Fusion 16?


Fusion 9 to Fusion 16 blackmagic design

Blackmagic Design released DaVinci Resolve 16 on 8th April, Monday 2019. It was announced as ‘The revolution in Editing’ and it stood true to it. In this latest software update, BMD also changed the version of Fusion drastically.

Fusion 9 to Fusion 16:

In April 2018, Fusion was integrated in DaVinci Resolve 15. It was a gigantic leap for Blackmagic Design. Rather than making a bridge between umbrella softwares (like Adobe Bridge), they integrated two major softwares seamlessly to help digital artists. Entire Media and Entertainment industry has appreciated such mammoth effort of BMD.

Fusion tab inside DaVinci Resolve helped a wide range of artists including editors, visual effects artists, colorists, audio / sound post production and many other related to the industries of broadcasting, audio and video content creation. It saved a huge back and forth time of rendering and re-rendering. Seamless integration of DaVinci Resolve and Fusion also prevent data loss, which happens during switching between various softwares. Artist became able to sync various editing and other post production effects in real-time.

The only issue, not a big botheration though, was different version credentials of Fusion and Resolve. Blackmagic has acquired both the softwares from different companies:

  • DaVinci Resolve from ‘da Vinci Systems’ in 2009
  • Fusion from ‘eyeon Software Inc’ in 2014

So both softwares, Resolve and Fusion, were running on different timelines and versions. The difference is pretty much obvious, but just to make it more streamlined, Blackmagic Design jumped from Fusion 9 to Fusion 16 version in just one go. Currently, Fusion 16 is not available as standalone software. It will come bundled in DaVinci Resolve 16.

New features of Fusion 16:

As mentioned on the official website, Fusion 16 has over 40 new features. Some of them are as follows.

  • It supports for all major Virtual Reality headsets, interactivity with VR scenes, support for stereoscopic VR
  • Faster camera tracking with robust 3D point cloud output
  • Advanced chroma removal functions in Delta keyer
  • Industry standard roto through planar tracking
  • Studio player provides multi shot timeline and new playback engine
  • Formats such as ProRes, DNxHR and MXF to increase support to production pipeline in conjunction with other softwares
  • GPU computations tools to increase productivity

download fusion 16 free

Download Fusion 16 for free (inside DaVinci Resolve 16):

Yes, Blackmagic Design Fusion is free for commercial and production work.

There are no any legal issues for doing revenue generating projects like compositing, roto, paint, motion graphics and many more using BMD Fusion. The render output is without water mark and you can save the project file without any worry. It renders into various industry standard formats and resolutions, so your output can be used for movies, TV series, broadcasting, e learning or any other form of video content.

Click this link to download Fusion 16 for free, inside DaVinci Resolve 16. Please scroll till end to get the download button. If you want more advanced features, you can buy Fusion Studio 16 in just $299.


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