The Print Industry is not dead — Here’s why

Online media vs. print media. Check out future of printing industry.


future of printing industry

Technology has indeed created a major impact on our lives. It has basically transformed how we lived our daily lives – how we communicate, search, and learn the information we need, to how we keep ourselves entertained.

As internet usage continues to rise, it has somewhat affected the growth of the printing industry. For one thing, the invention of printing has paved the way for us to learn about the world around us. Printing has also given people jobs and opportunities and helped millions of businesses as well. In the Philippines, you can find a tarpaulin manufacturer that can help in your printing needs.

However, the flourishing printing industry took a detour when the internet happened. While newspapers, magazines, and other printed materials are still available, it may not be as in-demand unlike before. People are preferring to convey their message / information through animated video rather than printed materials. There are tons of 2D / 3D Animation and Visual Effects soaftwares are available in the market for the same. Having that said, the question remains: is the print industry doomed?

The fate of the print industry:

As to answer the question of whether the print industry is already doomed, the simple answer is no. A study conducted by Bournemouth University revealed that reading printed materials encourage focus and more effective understanding of the given information.

The same study revealed that around 60 percent of consumers tend not to do anything else when reading magazines and other printed materials. This percentage is higher than those reading information via social media or consuming information through AR / VR experience. That said, there are still people out there who do appreciate printed materials as their source of information and entertainment, compare to animation explainer video.

There is also the rise of mobile apps and digital media, in which a lot of companies and marketers will be adopting for their business. Despite that digital growth, traditional print media seems to be staying for a long time. One example: there are still thousands of people flocking into annual book sales to get their hands on hard copies of books at a discounted price.

Why printed media is still “in”?

Even if we are now living and breathing social media and the internet, it seems that printing businesses all over the world will not shut down anytime soon. Here are some reasons why.

1. It is more trustworthy and less annoying than online media.

Perhaps you have encountered those ads while viewing Facebook or a YouTube video. More often than not, it can ruin one’s viewing experience, thanks to these annoying ads. On the other hand, you can choose to read a printed ad or not. Printed ads somehow help establish connection and trust among consumers, unlike online ads that you have to view whether you like it or not.

2. Designs look better in print than online.
You cannot show off a design on a desk or a coffee table. Having an eye-catching design helps a lot to utilize print media – whether in a billboard, magazine, or a flyer. Also, it can hurt our eyes if we stare for hours in front of a computer, right?

3. Printing will be here to stay.
In the first place, how can companies and brands live without print? How can they print packaging and labels for their products? How various verticals of Media & Entertainment sector can live without printed editions? This aspect alone won’t dictate the death of print media anytime soon.


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