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Graphic and Web Design Jobs

Graphic and Web Design Jobs are in huge demand. This booming industry constantly demands fresher and experienced digital artists. All the businesses, no matter how small or big, have their own online and social media presence in today’s technology era. It had open new job opportunities all around the globe for the students who learn Graphics and Web Designing courses.

The Virtual Assist’s strictly professional WhatsApp group of Animation and VFX Jobs had been appreciated by hundreds of artists from Media and Entertainment industry. Based on various queries of Graphic Web Designer Jobs on the blog, we are creating a dedicated WhatsApp job group for the same. It is a free service to receive all latest Web and Graphics jobs requirements and vacancies. Being a group member, you can also post your own job openings.

For Graphic Designing jobs, major softwares are: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, CorelDraw

For Web Design and Development, major sofrwares, platforms and technologies are: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Animate CC (Flash), Adobe Dreamweaver, HTML 5 / CSS 3, JAVA Script, Bootstrap, AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML), PHP (Personal Home Page / Hypertext Preprocessor), CodeIgniter, Content Management System (CMS), WordPress, Joomla

The Graphic and Web Design Jobs will have following openings:

The jobs will range from full time / part time / contract based or freelance. Apply at your suitable criteria.

How to get registered for this Web Graphic Designer Jobs on WhatsApp:

  1. Save the number +91 9987502251 as ‘The Virtual Assist
  2. Send your full name, current job profile, studio / agency you are working at and state. Example : Amit Mozar, Animation and VFX Blogger, The Virtual Assist, Mumbai
  3. You will be added in ‘Graphics & Web Jobs’ group
  4. Get alerts of graphic and web designer jobs


Click the following WhatsApp group invitation link of Graphic and Web Design Jobs:

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