Happy Birthday Photoshop – Celebrating 25 Years of Amazing Creativity

Happy Birthday Photoshop ! Enjoy 1 minute Animation video, collection of best works of last 25 years.


happy birthday photoshop 25 years

Amazing History of Photoshop :

It all started from 1987 when the developer Thomas Knoll created a very simple pixel imaging program called ‘Display’.  It was displaying gray scale photos on a black and white monitor. His brother John Knoll was supervisor at ILM (Industrial Light and Magic). The other digital artists were impressed at the post production facility of George Lucas with Display and eventually it was used into James Cameron’s The Abyss. Later on Knoll brothers renamed it to ‘Photoshop’.

Adobe bought the software from Knoll brothers and Photoshop 1.0 released on Feb. 19, 1990 for the Macintosh. As a storm, it took the entire Media and Entertainment industry talking about it. Digital photo retouching was costing $300 by an hour and one time buying price of Photoshop 1.0 was only $1000.

Just by end of the decade, it sold over 3 Million copies and the rest is history.

You will love this cool video collection : The Best, Worst and Most Viral Videos of Celebrities and Fashion – Photoshopped !

The First Photoshopped Image :

It is from John Knoll. In August 1988, he was with his future wife Jennifer for vacation at Bora Bora. He titled the following image as ‘Jennifer in Paradise‘.


The first demonstration of Photoshop where the above image was edited :

Adobe Photoshop icons of 25 years :


Enjoy: Creative tribute to Adobe Photoshop’s 25 years by Lynda

Adobe Photoshop splash screens of 25 years :


Adobe Photoshop Toolbar of 25 years :


The Most Viral Video by Adobe : 25 Years of Photoshop – Dream On

Happy Birthday Photoshop to bring amazing ideas to life with mesmerizing quality and finishing. Enjoy the animation video. Adobe has used layer by layer animation of psd files, gathered from various digital artists all around the globe.



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