HgCapital acquires The Foundry in majority ownership for $312 Million

HgCapital acquires The Foundry by majority ownership from the investor ‘The Carlyle Group’ for $312 million (£200 million). It was rumored to be sold to Adobe first.


hgcapital acquires the foundry

HgCapital acquires The Foundry at majority ownership. HgCapital is one of the most prestigious private equity firms based at London, UK. Nic Humphries, the managing partner of the firm, has fresh and scientific approach for long term view of investments in technology and related R&D. This makes it the best choice for investment from the perspective of The Foundry, the British Visual Effects software and plugs ins developer company.

The duo is full of promising bright future with current edge creative innovations and fast solutions. It is possible as both the partners share same vision and passion for growth. The deal was signed on 20th May, 2015 for $312 million (£200 million). The seller is ‘The Carlyle Group’, the major buyout group of the software giant. As per the merging contract, HgCapital will invest £19.7 million in The Foundry through its HgCapital 7 Fund. The sale operation was conducted by Arma Partners, an advisory firm.

Bill Collis, CEO, said the deal with HgCapital would allow The Foundry to empower more staff to grow faster. Currently, The Foundry has 300 employees in UK, US and China. Even after deal, The Foundry is independent for its creative aspects and innovations. They will still be able to tackle all creative challenges through their own research. The core goal will always be for the advancement of the artists and 2D/3D designers. Now, their new arenas are VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality). HgCapital will support financially. Both the companies will work closely for betterment of business, blended with creativity.


The Foundry is very well known for its variety of visual effects softwares for small and large scale VFX and Post Production houses, Games and Design :

  • NUKE : The flagship product, high end Compositing
  • Modo : 3D Modeling and Sculpting
  • Katana : Academy award winning Lighting software
  • Mari : 3D Painting and Texturing
  • Flix : Story development tool
  • Colorway : Iterative look and design
  • Ocula : Stereo plug in
  • Hiero : Multi shot management tool
  • Mischief : Sketching application



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