Hotel Kitchen Management: Doing it the Right Way

Learn how to manage a hotel restaurant more efficiently.


Hotel Kitchen Management doing by right way

There’s more to running a hotel than just managing your guests and their needs. For one, you also need to see to it that the kitchen is handled properly. And if you feel that your hotel kitchen is capable of running better and more efficiently than what it’s doing right now, then there must be a few areas that need a little upgrade.

How the menu affects your entire business:

Achieving a fantastic menu requires a great balancing act. Experts say that one of the most common mistakes that businesses in the hospitality industry commit has to do with the way they do the layout of their menu.

If you feel like your list needs an upgrade, try to see if you can change the way you position each dish in the design. Also, remember that using extensive menus will most likely only cause consumers to take much time in placing an order. Even more, it creates longer ticket times for serving the food. That’s why it’s best to bring out the best in your menu by making sure that everything in it is readable. You should also avoid putting dollar signs so that your guests won’t get confused. Make sure your menu gives your guests a tour of what they can expect from your service.

You should also keep your menus free from any grease or food splotches. If there are any damages found in it, replace them right away. Moreover, you should add the menu on your hotel’s official website so that your guests can see it beforehand. Making your site mobile-friendly is a must, too. Remember that almost everyone now uses their phone to browse through all kinds of websites. You should also use social media tools to promote your menu, with attractive images and custom creatives. Making sure that your site is mobile-friendly will make it easier for guests to navigate it from their smartphones.

Look at how your kitchen operates:

Remember that your kitchen is part of your business. It means that it plays a critical role in your hotel’s revenue as a whole. So, try to focus on the basics to see if there are a few things that need to get checked. One way to see if your hotel restaurant is functioning properly is to know the number of customers that you get in a day. Check if the food service equipment from the Philippines that you have is enough to meet your guests’ orders. You should also check the items that are profitable in your menu and see the factors that make them in demand among your customers.

Lastly, try to monitor your revenue as well as your losses each week. Check if your losses surpass the profit that you make every week and identify the areas that you need to improve to boost revenue.

These are only a few of the things that you should check when managing your business. Remember that being a part of the hospitality industry requires you to provide your guests with the best quality of services that you can. Ensuring that you only present the best food and service will make them want to return to your hotel every season.


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