How Millennials choose their Fashion Contact Lenses

6 tips for selecting best fashion contact lenses.


Learn how Millennials choose their fashion contact lenses. The leading 6 tips includes comfort, safety, brand, skin tone, makeup and self expression.

Young professionals and college students fall into the millennial category. They are known to have attained the most elegant and most fancy-looking fashion within the budget! From clothing, shoes and bags, makeup, and even contact lenses, millennials are known to have one of the most significant influences in the fashion industry.

As eyes first communicate with other people, the eyes are also the top priority in beautifying. The question now is: how do millennials choose the best fashion contact lenses?

Types of contact lenses:

The first-ever contact lens started between 1938-1940. These lenses were still made from hard plastics and were then changed to soft lenses in the year 1971. Today, most contact lenses wearers now prefer the latter than the former.

The three types of contact lenses are hard contact lenses like the RGP or the Rigid Gas Permeable, soft ones from water-absorbing plastic, and the hybrid contact lenses.

1. Soft contact lenses:

As mentioned, soft contact lenses are made up of hydrogels or water-containing plastic. Its water content is approximately 40% to 70%, which is malleable enough to shape the surface of your eyes. It is also thinner and more comfortable to use than hard contact lenses. In 2002, these lenses were developed into silicone hydrogel lenses that enable more oxygen to enter the eyes.

Lastly, soft contact lenses also work great for light eyes. They suit best for the eyes for its subtle look, providing more emphasis on your natural eye color. It is also perfect for everyday wear. Buy colored contacts for light eyes tips

2. Gas permeable contact lenses:

In 1979 came the discovery of RGP or the Rigid Gas Permeable, which is another sub-type of hard lenses. These lenses are made from durable plastic that makes the wearer feel the rigid, sturdy look of contact lenses in their eyes. They are also porous and breathable to wear. Generally, the creation of hard lenses is for those wearers who wish to have more fitted yet comfortable fashion lenses.

3. PMMA lenses:

Another type of hard contacts is the PMMA or Polymethyl Methacrylate Lenses (PMMA). Initially, the PMMA is from a glass. However, this type of lenses is the least prescribed since they are less comfortable to wear. It does not allow oxygen to permeate the eyes as well.

How Millennials choose their fashion contact lenses:

Whatever type of contact lens you choose, there are varying decorative, color, and size options for you. But remember that staying fashionable while wearing it should still be the top priority! If you wonder how youngsters choose the best fashion contact lenses, here’s how:

1. Comfort:

First, millennials prefer contact lenses that are comfortable to the eyes. Since colored contacts are a bit thicker than the standard lenses, the top feature of fashion contact lenses is that they should be comfortable and not painful to put in and remove.

2. Prescription and safety:

In choosing the best contact lenses, one still needs a prescription. Since most of these lenses are merely for fashion, they have zero power as well. But most wearers that are millennials prefer to see an ophthalmologist first since colorful and decorative lenses can damage the eyes when made up of harmful chemicals.

If you plan to buy one for yourself, this also means that you should not buy colored contacts from online retail shops that are not registered sellers of the product. It poses a higher risk of damaging your eyes!

3. Brands:

There are plenty of brands in the market. However, not everything will perfectly match and fit one’s beautiful eyes. To find the perfect pair, millennials also consult a doctor and pick out from a selection of colors, tints, and designs. This way, they can have several trials on which pair of lenses fit best before finally purchasing one. This also assures that your contact lenses are made of guaranteed safe products.

4. Skin tone:

Another top priority of millennials in choosing their fashion contact lenses is their skin tone. Different fashion lenses suit people with varying skin types and colors. For example, for tan skin to milk chocolate skin color, it is most advisable to wear bright-colored contact lenses to put some glow in your complexion. For fair skin color, blue and gray is more fitting. Lastly, for dark-skinned millennials, warm colors will work best. Therefore, in choosing the best shade of fashion contacts, you should also consider your skin tone, then buy.

5. Makeup:

Youngsters wear most fashion contact lenses during events. Therefore, knowing the type of makeup you will wear on that event will also dictate the decorative details you need on your contact lenses. True enough, the suitable accompanying makeup does the trick!

6. Self-expression:

Almost everyone, not exclusive to the millennial category, wears fashion contact lenses to express themselves. They wish to transform their natural everyday style into a more extravagant and prettier overall look. Therefore, depending on how one wants to express herself, a variety of lenses and countless colors can also be maximized.

For example, opaque-colored lenses are best to create a more dramatic transformation. Vivid colors such as green, blue, and violet, on the other hand, are widely chosen if one wants to stand out from the rest. Lastly, for a subtler change, tinted contact lenses may work best for youngsters as it only emphasizes your natural eye color, and not transform it.

The list goes on when we talk about millennials choosing their fashion contact lenses. However, what they mostly emphasize is not only to choose the most beautiful one but also the safest and most reliable lenses.


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