How to gain more followers for your Business’ Facebook Page

5 best tips to get real and targeted followers to your Facebook Business Page.


How to get more followers to Facebook business page

When it comes to social media marketing, there is no doubt that Facebook is a frontrunner. There are literally thousands of business pages on Facebook today, and if your company or business still do not have one, then you are definitely missing out on a lot of online sales.

We will talk about how you can grow your business’ Facebook page and gain more followers. From hiring a third-party company to deal with your corporate video production to creating shareable and viral content, we’ve got you covered.

Pay attention to the content:

People share content on Facebook if they find it funny, informative, or amusing. If your content is anything but those things, then you can expect that it would not go viral, as people wouldn’t be sharing it on their own personal Facebook pages.

If you want people to share your content, then look for the current trends, create a video or article about it, add a personal touch in there, post it, and see your followers share it. You definitely would need to post something that they can relate to so they’ll be willing to share it on their own pages.

Invite your friends and newsletter subscribers:

If you have your business account connected to your personal Facebook page, then it would be a lot easier to invite your friends to like your page. You should also consider inviting everyone on your email and newsletter subscribers list so your Facebook following can increase in an instant. These people already know and trust you, which increases the chance of them sharing your content, thus helping you gain more traction and followers.

Include the link on your business cards:

Business cards still make a huge impact when it comes to marketing a business. It is a direct marketing tool, which is great for smaller types of businesses. Additionally, these cards are cost-effective and easy to make, which is why a lot of business and company owners still use them to their advantage. You should include your social media pages’ links on your business cards. Make sure to include the direct link and invite them to like your page.

Hold giveaways and promos:

If you want your page to gain a lot more traction and followers, then the easiest way to do it is to hold giveaways and promos. Be sure to include liking your page on the mechanics so you can easily gain a lot more followers. If you want more page shares and likes, then you can even ask your audience to like and share your post and page. This should be included in the mechanics, too.

Advertise your page:

You always have the choice to advertise your page and posts on Facebook. This will cost you a couple of pounds though, so make sure to target the right crowd when trying to advertise your page. You can always ask your marketing team to help you with boosting your ads so you can target the right people.

You have to be consistent with your posts and updates if you want more people to like and visit your page. Always check your page every once in a while so you can connect with your audience.


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