DesignEvo: How to make professional logo online from huge library of templates

DesignEvo Review: The Easiest Logo maker.


Make professional logo online DesignEvo

A professional logo allows you to recognize the company to which it refers with almost immediate effect. The task of the logo is to inspire trust and superiority over your brand. Furthermore, there is usually a tendency to accompany the logo with a slogan, called payoff, which helps to strengthen the brand’s identity. In this article, you will find the easiest tools to create online logos in a way that is not only simple, but also affordable.

The tool I recommend is DesignEvo, the online service where you can make your own logo from a template. Write the type of the company or activity, choose a template, select the font and the color and here is that in a few minutes you have your logo. Of course, you could use it only as a platform to present your idea to the graphic that will end up making it unique and the only one in circulation.

3 Steps to make professional logo online DesignEvo:


Step 1: Choose a template

You can get started by clicking the ”make a free logo” button on the homepage. ‍In a matter of seconds, a large number of logo templates for your business will come out before your eyes. As you scroll down the page, you will see that DesignEvo will continue to generate more logos in terms of popularity. Or you can enter keywords in the search box, so you can quickly get to the type of logo template according to your needs.


Step 2: Customize it with changing icon, text, shape and background

Check a favorite logo to enter your logo’s name and slogan, and you can further customize your logo. DesignEvo offers so many editing options that you can extensively edit your logo (change icon, font, shape, background). You can also be able to change the fonts, colors, layers and other effects that best fit your aspirations. Anyway, DesignEvo allows you to change your original logo so that it is unrecognizable!

The Easiest Logo maker


Step 3: Preview and download the logo

At last, it is better to make space changes or font size to finalize your logo. What’s more, you can click the “preview” button to see how it will appear on business cards, blog title or t-shirts for example. Once you are satisfied with the final result, you can choose to download on your PC.

A basic package is available at $ 24.99. In contrast, a plus package costs $ 49.99. With paid logos, you will receive all the necessary files so that you can use it for your printing as well as in social networks. Besides, you can go back to the site and modify it whenever you want.

how to make logo online


  • No registration is required
  • A huge database with ready-to-use templates
  • Various editing possibilities
  • User-friendly interface
  • Editing is available even after payment

Like this, there is one more online software called DesignCap, which is used to create high quality posters and flyers.

I am sure that you want to try out DesignEvo and make your own logo now? It is not only a web-based logo maker, but also supports desktop software & mobile App. With DesignEvo, it is possible to design the logo in less than 10 minutes and creation is a very intuitive and simple task, even for those without design expertise.


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